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Any other sidecar chassis work with Harley car?

I am in need of a little assistance. I am in search of a new chassis for my car because I have a shovelhead mount that wont mate with my FLH. I have too much in the car/ paint and other accessories to part with the entire rig but is there another frame that will be a descent fit for my harley sidecar?

I have a Lak sidecar frame from the Netherlands. I have a Harley tub that bolts directly to the leaf spring crossbars same as it would to the standard Harley frame. I got the Lak sidecar frame because it has a suspension on the sidecar wheel. It was not cheap and took a little while to get it but I am happy with it. The mounts are basically the same as the Harley mounts but with a mix of English and metric fasteners. I looked at Liberty but I like the looks of the newer Harley body better. You could probably bolt a later model Harley tub to a Liberty frame if you could find one. I'm sure DMC or Claude Stanley could build you a frame that would work with your tub.

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Thanks so much for that info and it looks great. I originally asked a few companies about just the frame purchases but didnt have luck. I will look into the Lak frame and DMC again. Thanks again.

I asked Liberty to sell me a frame to put my later model Harley tub on and they declined. There is an interesting website from Germany with a lot of different manufacturers of sidecars for Harleys. You may find something else there. Click on "pictures".

Great website! I particularly found this to be very interesting:

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Yeah, there are a few interesting front end treatments on those bikes. DMC makes a trail reducer similar to that for Suzuki v-stroms and maybe other bikes too.

Thanks everyone. DMC Sidecars has helped me with my frame. I love this site and all of the help that is here.

IndSlim - 7/8/2016 9:38 AM

Great website! I particularly found this to be very interesting:

That sure looks interesting