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Any Florida USCA rides during the winter moinths?

Hi Folks, I made the ride from Montana to Orlando, and on the way did the Iron Butt Association 50cc Fifty Hours Coast To Coast ride.
Are there some USAC riders and/or events in Florida this winter?
I ride a Honda VTX 1300cc with Velorex sidecar.
At age 80 I became the oldest rider to do the 50cc Coast to Coast in 50 hours ride.
It was a great ride.
BLOG story here:

Email if you have USCA Florida ride info.
Be Fantastic
Del Lonnquist

Del plan to be in Kissimee in Dec. and February. Would really enjoy meeting you and riding with you if you're available. Will email dates. Also would like you to autograph my copy of your book. Ride safe!

Hello Del,
I don't know of any rides but.....
Just saw your post and read your blog. Really enjoyed it!!
Being a quarter century your junior, and having done the SS1000, Border-to-border and 50cc (on two wheels) I admire what you have done.
I will be trying to do the 50CC again in April with the MTF ride but this time on my V-Strom/Velorex rig. I hope to meet with the same success you enjoyed
Take care and ride safe.