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any Chicago sidecarists with attaching experience?

Hi All,

A friend of mine is in Chicago and a friend of hers is helping her attach a sidecar to her sportster.

I am thinking they could use some hands on assistance as this is the first rig they have put together. First two attempts have not been successful. I dont think she can afford to bring it to a shop...

Is there anyone in Chicago with experience that would be willing to give them a hand?

Her greatest desire it to get the rig up and running so her deaf dog can go on nice rides with her 🙂

Thanks so much!

You did not say what sportster nor what sidecar. While I know of no one that can help you with this, you might have her look at this article for some tips

I would suspect that the are using "universal" mounts. In general "universal" means it fits nothing universally and are at best a starting point.

Let me know if we can be of any help.

Jay G
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