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Antique BMW and side car

I have recently purchased a 1976 BMW R and an older side car can anyone tell me where to find any installation information or photos which show connection details?  Thanks.

new info:

The bike is a 78 not 76 and obviously a Ural sidecar modified to look like a BMW, which is cheating, but it is still good looking and in good shape.

The pictures show the struts/stabilizers.  The cylinder head on the right side reads 0918/1  1182.  The left side of the block at the dip stick reads (upside down) 61622603.

Thanks to everyone for their help.  If anyone knows someone that has a used sub frame for sale please let me know.

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2 years ago I mounted an old velorex on a 75 bmw 750. when I get out to the shop I will find the manual with info

on the


1976 BMW R WHAT?  There's an missing number, usually a /5, /6, /7 and then some models have long or short wheelbase models.  If you have the serial number [found on the side of the steering head tube] we can probably narrow that down.  All BMW's of that vintage will need a subframe to do the job right.

Which sidecar?  Make/model is possible or pictures if you can't find more.

Did you get any mounting hardware with it?

Give us a little more info so we can answer correctly if you can.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota


There are lots of folks here who can help so I'm posting the pictures you sent so they can chime in.

Your bike is apparently an R80/7.  The /7 series with many different sized engines is the last version [IMO] of the classic BMW boxer with the double cradle frame. That makes it a VERY easy bike for mounting a sidecar.  You need a subframe that is a bolt on item, no welding.  These are available from a couple of places but DMC usually has them in stock.  The picture of the ID plate doesn't let me read the VIN but the whole plate doesn't really appear completely "kosher" because the date stamp appears to read 7/77, not a good date for a bike that claims to be a 1976 issue.  Also, the number format is odd.  I'm checking on that. Can you post the VIN nummber as text instead of a photo? Does the VIN number match the number stamped into the left [as if you were riding the bike] side of the headstock and does it match the motor number stamped on the left side of the engine case?  If not, what are those numbers?

The sidecar appears to be a Steib TR500 but again, there are a few inconsistencies.  The basic body shape is not as refined as a real TR500, the cut out for passenger access is wrong and the trunk release and passenger step are also wrong.  Despite the Steib origin plate and the nice shrouded fender with cobra handle, I believe you have a tarted up Ural sidecar. The ID plates are available, in blank, online.

That said, the mounting is still a piece of cake and the Ural is a sturdy and very useful sidecar.  You said you have "front and rear stabilizers".  I guessing you have the diagonal struts but what we need now is a good picture of the mount side of the sidecar along with the pieces you have.

Where are you? Maybe we have a nearby member who can help.

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Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Al is right, this is a Ural sidecar out of Russia.  Mounting to a /7 is not all that hard. I ran a Ural on a 1977 /7 back in the late 1990's and my wife ran a similar bike an R100S with a Sputnik sidecar on it.

Jay G
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You appear to have all the pieces you need except a subframe.  The setup you show is the basic setup for an older model BMW.  Those older models were designed to accept a sidecar without modification.  The subframe will provide a set of mounting points that are an analog for the older models as well as adding adequate strength to your frame.

The lower mounts you have are collet and ball mounts and they'll work fine but many people change those out for hiem joints when mounting on a modern bike.  If you decide to keep the collet mounting, be sure that the subframe you acquire has the required ball attachment points. The diagonal struts in your pictures can probably be adjusted to work just as the are.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota