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Anticipating a move.

Toward the end of the week I'm hoping to move us to a new server with more room and, hopefully, higher speed. The last time we did this, before most of you had signed up, the page was unavailable for a couple days. I'll know tonight when the move will take place, but I'm anticipating Thursday or Friday. Stay tuned for bigger and better things. Mike

Sounds great Mike. Wish I could help, but I sold the pick-up truck, and my bad back. Sorry just jokeing, I'll bring the beer.
Thanks for all you do dude.

Keep up the good work Mike. If you ever hear any negative stuff remember that for every negative comment there are probably a hundred out there with positive thoughts not being expressed.
Hey..are there any plans for a 'polls' section here?

Actually, if you click on the Forums button you'll see a button on that page titled "New Poll". I just haven't tried it yet. Go ahead, be our guinea pig!

Being the first to admit that I am "computer challenged" but trying to over come this,it always amazes Me what people do with these web pages I to would also like to thank you Mike for the things that you do for this club and its members.Chuck,who usually has to call on his 14 year old daughter to bail him out of a problem oh Mike I'm wearing my Stone Lake Bibs as I type this (mine din't have the insulation)

Good luck with the move Mike, hope it goes smooth. I'll add my voice to thoes saying thank you for all your effort to give us a good site.

Up and Running
Great Job Mike
Hope everyone realizes how much time you have put in to this great site.
Lotsa pats on the back for you.