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An introduction

Hello everyone. I’ve been lurking around here for a few months and thought it was time I introduced myself. I’m Jerry. I live in the Cincinnati OH area. I’ve been riding (2 wheelers) off and on for a lot of years. In October of 2016 my wife and I bought a new (2017) Harley Davidson Ultra Limited. After a year of riding we decided to add a sidecar. We chose a Champion Vintage and installed it ourselves. We’ll be going to the National Rally in Rising Sun (it’s only a 45 min ride) so we hope to see a lot you there.

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Welcome to the slightly off-center world of sidecars Jerry & Mrs. Jerry! Looking pretty sharp!

Glad to have you with us. Enjoy the ride.

See you at Rising Sun. Belinda and Mikal have a great rally planned.

Welcome from Washington (state) and a hearty e-shake of the hand. Good looking rig you have there! Ride on!!

Thanks for the welcome.