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An awesome trip!

Just got back from a trip through the west. Started from NC on 6/11 and traveled to the Rally in Rising Sun Indiana. After enjoying the Rally and seeing some great people continued on to the Badlands and toured there for several days. What a place to see. Stopped at “Wall Drug” in Wall SD. From the Badlands went on to Yellowstone. Amazing riding on some of the twistiest roads i’ve Ridden. Got all the way to the “snow line” before starting our decent. The twisties rival the Dragon. Went from there to Sturgis. Nice quiet calm Sturgis! My kind of town. Stayed at campgrounds all the way out and back. In Sturgis stayed at the “Rush no more” campground. A beautiful place only about 10 mi. From downtown Sturgis. Left there and traveled back to eastern NC. All in all one great trip to remember. Met some awesome people, saw more wildlife than I could imagine! Buffalo walked right across the road in front of us. Really impressive especially when viewed from the seat of a motorcycle! We were truly blessed with great weather. Only had rain 2 days and only 1 hard all day rain. God spared us from the 2 tornados and a massive hail storm that destroyed the windows and flat surfaces of 30 cars.To me the secret to a successful trip is planning and flexibility. The Goldwing and sidecar performed amazingly well. In my opinion there is still no better way to see these places than with your family on a rig.

Sounds like a great article to send to Martin at the Sidecarist. Complete with photos of course... Looking forward to that issue. And glad you had such a fine trip!