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Alignment Help NEEDED

Hi all you sidecar veterans ,

I have been riding since 3yrs old in front of Dad,
I am new to sidecars, wow what a learning curve.
Does anyone know of a person or shop that I could go to to help me finalize my set-up.
I have tweeked, tightened, moved, air pressured the heck out of my setup and I still have an unacceptable amount of head shake betwwen 25 + 40 mph.
If anyone knows of a gulfcoast area person that can help me out I would be most appreciative, I live near gulfport ms, will go wherever for help.
Many Thanks

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Texas Sidecars - 500 miles from you. There's probably some one closer but you could trailer it there in a day.

Some guys never get rid of their headshake, but you did say an "unacceptable" amount so I'm guessing it's pretty bad. I don't see a steering stabilizer in the pics. Not expensive and might do the trick.