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Alaska Sidecar Gathering

May 23 – 25, 2014 – Alaska Sidecar Gathering. Talkeetna, Alaska (campground at the end of town)
Who's invited - Intended as a gathering for current, past, and potentially new USCA Alaska members. BUT everybody is invited. No events are planned. It's just a time to gather and talk about sidecars while enjoying the Alaska scenery. Any rides and activities will be impromptu and discussed on-site. Contact – email Dan LaPan at

Just a reminder for those in Alaska!

We had four rigs show up in Talkeetna. Dan with his Venture rig + tent trailer (and two seventh graders), Bob & Sharon with their R1200GS DMC rig, Dieter & Sharon with a BMW /2 Ural and myself with my airhead Cozy rig.

You can read more on these two blog posts:

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