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AFla meeting Place

Ok I will not call this a ride but a great place to meet and maybe start a ride. I found Cafe Racer being a good little State rep for USCA. Lol. They are listed as a Royal Enfield motorcycle and Cozy sidecar dealers. But they are much more than that they are also a coffee shop with good coffee and that is cool for those that are not into the “biker bar” thing. Being on Madeira Beach in Fla they are mid way on the outside beaches of Pinellas County. You can go south to St Pete Beach or north to Clearwater. I hope you are into sea food because there is any number of good places to try Gulf fair.

I am thinking this is going to be my Saturday morning hang out for a bit. Hey I can set out front check my e-mail, drink coffee, watch the girls (people) go by and maybe someone will come by that wants to go riding.

Do you have an address for the Cafe Racer? I'm going to be in the area later this month. Will be usimng four wheels to get around.

15045 Madeira Way
Madeira Beach, Florida.

Phone: (727) 398-7656