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Advise needed on getting a large dog to ride in a sidecar

Just wanted to update and thank everyone for your suggestions. Very pleased to report that Daisy and I just finished our 1st 75 mi. trip together with the sidecar. Travel back roads and super slabs! She behaves very well, tolerates Doggles while bike is in motion. We do create a minor bit of traffic congestion as people slow to get a look. Gas stops have been an adventure. Between questions, curiosity seekers, and picture takers it has been fun. Does give people a different perspective on "bikers"!

Good on Daisy! Those early rides when it seems to come together are really special! Sort of a "By jove it's going to work!" moment.

Things are progressing well with Tulliver. He's had several half day rides, and the day after tomorrow we head to the BMW rally in Hamburg NY, about 500 miles away. An easy day trip for me, but one I'll break into a couple of days filled with stops at exciting lakes and streams, treats at ice cream stands, stuff to keep Tulliver happy and looking forward to the next ride. I'm a tad anxious about how he'll do, but Barley's spirit will be with me letting me know which ideas work and which of them have a high suckage factor.

The first litter of golden pups was lost in a tragic accident that crippled the breeder's sister and nearly killed her niece. The 4 year old niece just got out of her full body cast today, a couple months after breaking her neck. Raise a beer to the EMTs who cut her out of the wreckage without causing any damage to her unprotected spinal cord! The next litter of pups was born three years to the day Barley and I set out from Vermont to the Pacific on his longest single ride, a three week 9000 mile adventure that had us completely bonded part way through. We'll most likely keep the name Pandemonium for this little guy.

Meet the future long distance sidecar dog: Sunshine Golden's Pint o' Pandemonium!

Glenfiddich - 7/11/2016 9:45 PM

... Raise a beer to the EMTs.... Meet the future long distance sidecar dog: Sunshine Golden's Pint o' Pandemonium!....

 Hi Pandemonium!!

And here's to safe travels for Peter & Tulliver. May the shade be on you.

NCGL: Good work getting Daisy to tolerate the Doggles while in motion. Maddie quickly learned to push 'em up on her forehead 'bout the time I shift to 3rd gear.

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Daisy has done so well! we just completed a 180 mi. trip on all kinds of roads. She is now starting to figure out ways to make herself more comfortable! Likes to look out through the shield when on back roads at lower speeds. at highway speeds she hunkers down below the dashboard. Smart dog. Still wearing the Doggles and wants them off immediately. Looking forward to many fun rides with her as she gets better at riding and understands that she gets to go places she couldn't go before. One step at a time!

Just got back from the BMW Rally. It was Tulliver's first thousand mile multiple day adventure. He did phenomenally well. Very proud of my big red dog!

This is one of the reasons I want to get a side car, so I've been following this thread with some interest. Some very good tips. My 2 yr. old yellow lab is just too big to fit in a passenger seat carrier on my Venture. I found the book mentioned in an earlier post - Dogs Ride ~ on Amazon (where you can find everything) -

Once I get a rig - this will be purchased right after the harness. Thanks for the good advice here.

The book has a lot of great tips, suggestions and practical "how tos". We found going easy at 1st, with lots of praise is really important. Nothing bad should happen in the sidecar! Especially early on. The 1st trips were for ice cream so she associated sidecar trips and "good stuff"! I also make sure to tell her how good she is doing at every opportunity even while we're riding down the superslabs! The only correction I make with Daisy is if she tries to take the Doggles off while the sidecar is in motion. That's a simple "unt a" repeated several times. I try to lower them as soon as possible after we stop for any length of time. The harness we use is a Kong and it seems to work very well. They are available at Pet Smart locally. I just ordered a top for the sidecar from Hannigan more to protect her from rain and hot sun. Be ready for longer gas stops due to picture takers and curious people! Daisy loves the attention! Good luck with your new venture it's worth every minute you invest in it.