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A trailer with a sidecar.


I'm just adding my thoughts here but you may want to consider this. One thing I found when pulling my camper is when in the mountains you tend to be more likely to be close to the lines on one side or the other just due to road conditions, the last thing I want is my camper hanging out on my left side, even if the rig is in my lane the camper might not be. I want it to track the bike. I know in this case my camper is wider than the kwik kamp but if it is wider than your saddle bags it could cross the line and get tagged.
I'm just saying,,, Murphy is out there

True, Ace. I think when I get the whole rig together I'll need to double check the width. And, you're right. Its those mountain roads you need to be careful of.

A sidecar is a 2 track vehicle. If you tow off the bike it becomes a 4 track. I have a Yamaha xs11/hitchhiker.
It is 63" wide. I also have a honda gl1500/hannigan super sport. It is 70" wide. My trailer is a kamperoo.
It is46" wide. If I tow off the Yamaha I have a 12" overhang on the left. With the Honda the overhang is 8".
I built the hitch on the left frame on the hitchhiker. I felt the super sport was a little light for the Honda. I built the
hitch for it out of 1"x2"x72" solid stock. it weighs 57 pounds without the ball and clamps. It is mounted on the
lower struts. This places the left trailer tire behind the rear wheel of the bike.