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A QUESTION to CT sidecar rig owners

Can anyone tell me if Connecticut still has law on their books, making it ticketable offense if your helmets are plugged into bike's intercom, when/if you're stopped?
Was told they consider it same as cell phone use, while operating a motor vehicle.
Can anyone enlighten me on this, as we often visit very old friends there; NEVER plug in when in CT.
Thanks in Advance. TTFN.....Old Tom aka papasmurf in NH

I never heard f this law
you can use a cell if it is hand free
i cheked the motorcycle laws and couldn't find anything

i would like to appreciate you for sharing such a great info with us

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This may be a four year old torte, but it still makes me hungry for some.

And just to bring the question into contemporary terms (at the close of 2017)..........there is STILL no Law I am aware of (having lived in this State since 1974) that states that two-way communication devices (mounted) may not be used in a closed circuit application such as on a motorcycle. My wife and I have used them for YEARS!!
In the world of the sidecar and the Royal Enfield, as we gave UP the ability to "plugged in communication," we decided that cellphones with ear buds would be our replacement, using a "phone call" (full duplex) as our means of communication.

I WOULD however, discourage the use of Walkie Talkies (lol).