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A good article about a fellow sidecarist

Ron is a good friend of mine. If you watched the Sit, Stay, Ride video, he's the guy in the Indian robe. We met because of SSR and have been friends since then.

Tom, Ron sounds like an interesting sidecarist, you could write an article for the Sidecars about him.  While I try to avoid tourist spots like Glacier, would be nice to visit Lake Five and Ron.  What is their address?



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Thane Lewis

I'll have to look it up. Ron has been featured in the Sidecarist in the past. Even on the cover. Lake Five is off to the left not too far from the west entrance to Glacier. The web site is

Hi again CCjon,

I just had a thought reference your idea of an article in the Sidecarist. If you wanted, I'd check with Ron and the newspaper that article was published in and ask permission to reprint in the Sidecarist. If Martin need to fill a few pages or if he wanted to publish it.... We'd give the author and the paper full credit of course....

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Deleted userCCjon

Great article. Thanks for sharing.  Familiar with Ron from the video “Sit, Stay, Ride”. Hope the resort doesn’t change. Being a long time camper, I have seen too many of these family owned great places sold and despite promises turned into nothing but “cash cows” by money hungry investors who could care less about people or the environment. All they want is a fast cash return no matter what the cost! Hope Ron and his family can keep this place going.

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