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A better Blog format... Goergia's 50cc run... 50cc sidecar!

I first need to say that I am trying a new Blog format... We all love pictures... I know it is “cliche”, but I will say it... “A picture is worth a 1000 words”! Rest assured that the words will also be there, but I wanted more pictures. Bandwidth volume will not allow it... My own website, of same name, (which I also own and is in the midst of storing my previous weblogs) would have its own difficulties with an enormous amount of pictures... Here comes SmugMug, the best picture Gallery I have ever used for years now, right under my nose, with its “Journal” format allowing an unlimited amount of bandwidth and... yes... text!
I need your feedback please... much of it ... there will be more pictures... more text... in turn you will have to click on a link and turn the page! Easy enough? I like it... I would like to know if you also do? Today I am trying this out with a past 50cc run that is always quite a weekend...
It is its report... with more pictures than text... as I said... I am trying this out.
For every Weblog date there will be a Journal page in SmugMug linked with the same date!
Simple... I hope.

I have pulled memories and pictures from the Annual 50cc Charity run that takes place in Suches, Georgia, on Halloween weekend... It is a blast if you never attended... here is the story... and the pictures!