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Sold - 1974 R90/6 with Ural Sidecar $3250 OBO

Riding days are done and I would like to find a good home for this old friend. I purchased this used in Oct 2001. It was originally with a Jawa sidecar and I added the Ural in Jan 2003. Has been serviced by Cyclewerks of Barrington IL. I have all service records, the Ian Smith Report on the 1974 R90/6, the David Hough "Driving a Sidecar Outfit." Upgrades include: Larger Gas Tank; Dauntless subframe, Upgraded Omega electrical system, Dyna electronic ignition, steering damper, 2 Tonneau covers, 2 BMR accessory plugs, new speedo, luggage rack, and a spare. The bike had 35K on it when purchased but the old speedo was highly inaccurate, 5K or so on the new one. I have lots of extras you are welcome to - Oil cooler and Helen Two Wheels camping and compression gear, battery charger/tender. This was the last of my 3 bikes and the hardest to let go. Text or call 847-525-9134 for pictures and additional info. Spoiler Alert: It has a minor rear seal leak but other than that a complete roadworthy rig. No lookie-loos please.

Guess I should mention I am in Lindenhurst IL 6 miles south of "The Cheddar Wall"

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