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80's velorex 562 shock question (update)


Update?  How did the install go? What are your impressions?

Hi Shadow! Thanks for checking in, the shock arrived but haven't had time to install it yet.

I will keep you and the forum posted.

How are you liking yours?

Hi 85 Shadow!

Install complete! Hardest part was getting the old shock out and mine came out in pieces too!

I notice the ride is much firmer and although nothing shifter, now seem to have, not really wobble, more of a bounce.

I left the adjuster in the same spot where it was when I got it, did you have to change the settings on yours?

What will adjusting the shock due?

pardon my stupidity, I have just never had cause to adjust one....

It seems to make sense that a stiffer shock would give a stiffer ride and not much play to compensate. I wonder if more weight in the car would make a difference....

Now when I stand on the floorboard, the car no longer sinks two inches or more.... hardly moves!

Here are some shots of the adventure....


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Glad it went in OK, I left mine where it was also. That adjustment changes the preload on the spring so it will carry more weight! Don't need that, if you don't have ballast in your car I would  recommend adding some.

thanks for getting back to me! yes I was thinking it needed more weight now that it has actual suspension! Not much ballast in car other than toolbox and two 10x10 cement squares, i was thinking of throwing in a bag of cement and seeing how it does.

right now in southwest fl it is just too hot to mess around with it until the sun goes away.

Do you keep a lot of weight in yours?


update time... so i added a 60lb bag of cement to the seat and it seemed a little better but not enough to warrent keeping it there.

this morning I took off the wheel just to see what changing the adjustment would do  and could not get it to move to the next notch.

In doing research, on a shock companies website, they state that shocks do need a break in period...

Elsewhere I saw Claude Stanley mention playing with air pressure.

I normally run the stock velorex size tire at 28, I brought it down to 25 and it made a huge difference! Not as bouncy, better control, almost like it was before the shock change but now feels more solid.



I could not get used to that shock... after doing much more research and talking to Velorex in Czech Republic,

I learned that the original shock measures 285mm eye to eye and the weight rating is about 440lbs.

I found this one on amazon, and it works perfect! The car floats again!!!!!


It was well worth the 25$! The only issue I wad was the metal sleeve in the bottom was too long so I  swapped it out for another one.

Just finished realigning the whole rig (took 4 days in the florida heat, with a multitude of breaks) and can hardly tell the sidecar is there!

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