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80's velorex 562 shock question (update)


Hi folks!

I believe my 562 is an 84 model and I am looking to replace the shock (it looks like it might be the original). I just replaced the rear shocks on my bike and know the velorex is way too bouncy...

I did search the forum and the posts that I found were really old.

Does anyone know of a direct replacement for the shock other than velorex, or one that will need minimal modification?

I have heard that some of the 11.5 sportster shocks will fit by grinding the eyes.

Any thoughts, harassment, or wisdom appreciated!

I just installed one of these:

It's a bit stiffer will see.


Thanks for the link 85!

were any modifications needed to make it fit?

my current shock is quite bouncy and I am sure since it is the original, or appears to be, it is due for a change....

It comes with 10 MM ends so you have to change to the 12mm ones from your old shock. but other than that fits great.

Mine was shot :

Uploaded files:
  • IMGshock-2.jpg

wow! that does look pretty far gone!

do you mean switching out the grommets in the eyes?

pardon my ignorance, not sure what you mean by the ends.....


I am hoping to be fully prepared before I start disassembling....

Thanks again!!!!

Yes, they come setup for 10mm bolts, the OEM ones use 12mm bolts.

Super fantastic!!! thanks for the info 85!!!!!

Super excited to have this info and will be ordering a shock now!

Hey, 85Shadow, quick question..... is it hard to push out and replace the grommets in the eyes? Can it be done with basic tools?


Thanks again!


It's not hard to remove bushings but putting the Velorex in to the new shock will be easier if you file the center of the eye out some.

They taper down in the middle and that makes for a very tight fit. A vice or C-clamp will make things easier.


Got it! Thanks!!! Shock should be arriving today!!