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7 months with the new one

Been a long winter . We did ride 6,000 miles after the Hannigan Twin Classic was installed. We tested it in as cold  30 below and some deep snow. It has been fun getting to know the new rig.  Granddaughter and grandson love it.  Wife has come to like like it also. So do the Dogs. They all stay warm with the heated seat and heated Blanket.

Added few few things after it was installed. It did not take long to realize the sidecar will stay mounted the the 2017 RGU full time. So a little more spending was justified.  Put a Moto Trike reverse in, Car tire on the bike rear.  Plans to add a radio in the sidecar this summer. The miles we put on it were mostly just running a round. A few over night trips.

Soon we leave on a two week ride to TN.  Something wife and I do every year. We decide the sidecar is going on the trip.  The long journey from the idea to finish was filled with a lot of can't and won't work from the uneducated . All proved to be wrong. Those that supported the plan thanks again. It handles great and is something any experience rider could adapt to. The claims the M8 107 could not pull it were so wrong. There is no front end wobble at any speed and the rig is stable from start to 90 MPH . I have run it to 100 with no issues but not something I make a habit of. Highway 65-70 mph is a pleasure. The ECC has proven to be a worth while option on some roads. My thanks to those that encourage getting it. The convertible top has been water and snow tight, and there have been no issue with the sidecar. Fuel mileage takes a hit, but I never owned a motorcycle to save gas. Winter is over more riding to do.



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Ride safe and enjoy.  That is one cool rig and fantastic picture. Remember, “those who dance are criticized by those who can’t hear the music”. If you get close to Wilmington NC give me a shout.  Would enjoy showing you around!