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6th Annual Informal Gathering of Sidecars at Americade


To all current and future sidecarists, you are invited to the 6th Annual Informal Gathering of Sidecars, at the Americade Tour & Rally in Lake George, NY USA. We will gather Friday June 9th between 3pm and 6pm, at the south west corner of Fort George Battleground Park under the large Willow trees, off of West Brook Road, to kick tires, share stories, take pictures, ask questions, see and be seen. All sidecars are welcome, new, antique, high performance, home built, one off, unique, and bizarre. If it has one wheel on the side, we want to see it.

This event has grown from 11 sidecars the first year, to 50 last year. From the early inquiries, we should top that this year. In addition to the reasons we gather listed above, the Gathering has also become a source of information for people wanting to get involved in this part of the sport, but want to see and ask questions before taking the plunge. Everyone at the Gathering has been most helpful in sharing their experiences and knowledge. If this applies to any of you, drop on by and say hello. Ask all the questions you want, we’ll be glad to provide answers the best we can.

We have been getting a nice selection of rigs, from antique to modern, cruisers to tourers and high performance flat cornering G-force generators. If you’re not sure the type of sidecar you want, you will get a good idea of what’s out there, from what shows up at this event.

We plan to have a nice selection of door prizes to hand out this year, as well as some new sidecar product brochures and sidecar event information.

On Thursday June 8th, I will lead sidecarists on a leisurely informal ride through the Adirondacks. We will leave from the parking lot of the Prospect Mountain Diner at 9am. The diner is located on Canada Street (Rt. 9) just south of the Holiday Inn on the same side of the street. All sidecars are welcome, try and arrive a half-hour early with a full tank of gas and an empty bladder.

If you have never been to Americade, check out for the weeks activities. Attendance is holding about 50,000, and a good portion of them attend the Vendor area called TourExpo. Our Gathering is close to this area, in fact we hold the Gathering in one of the large grassy parking areas that is used for those visiting the Vendors. Because attendance for TourExpo has been up the past few years, the area we use for the Gathering is still pretty full of two wheelers when our event starts at 3pm. Try and get as close as you can when you arrive, and move in closer as the two wheelers leave. I will have signs out directing sidecarists to the general area under the large Willow trees.

Here are some other sidecar activities for the week and they will all be held at Roaring Brook Ranch. Sidecar judging on Wednesday at 9am. A seminar on touring & sport sidecar riding by David Hannigan on Thursday at 3pm.

Even if you can’t spend a few days at Americade, don’t let that stop you from dropping by the Gathering on Friday and spending a few hours with like minded motorcyclists. We’d love to see you.

For additional information, contact Bruce D. Stephens at

I am flying a Velorex (for about 2 months now), I am planning a 3k round trip to Americade from Arkansas. I will have a few non sidecarists also. I don't think we will still be in town on friday , but stop and speak if you see a Sportster pulling a Velores 562. Have fun!

I will be leaving for Americade tomorrow about 5pm. Everything is set for the Thursday sidecar tour which will be about 100 miles long. We will leave at 9am and should return about noon. Fridays Gathering is all set. I'm happy to report the following door prize sponsors. Works Performance Products, Inc., Hack'd Magazine, Progressive Suspensions, Inc., United Sidecar Association, Operating Technical Electronics, Inc., Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Texas Sidecar & Trikes, Inc.

Dave Hannigan may have another surprize to show us this year.

See you there.