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49x10 Adventure America ride


At 12 Noon On August 7th, 81 year old Del Lonnquist of Helena Montana will begin his attempt to become the oldest rider in the Iron Butt Association history to complete the 48x10.
The ride will touch all of the lower 48 states in 10 days.
His daughter, 60 year old Linda will ride the sidecar and take care of navigation and keeping the Face Book and web pages updated.
For anyone interested in following along on the internet, look for the Spotwalla map on our FB page or visit


Good luck on this ambitious adventure. I looked at your map and it appears that you plan to go through Chicago in the afternoon. The traffic on your route in that area is TERRIBLE. Maybe you'd consider an alternate route out of Rockford that would take you a little further south. The Tri State Tollway can turn into a parking lot. Although, you will be going against the major flow, it can still hold you up for a long time. I've gone through Chicago at midnight and still had traffic delays.

Thanks Al, I appreciate the help.
We will look at alternate route around Chicago.

It should be a great ride.

Looks like we'll meet many Long Distance riders along the route.

Be Fantastic


We missed you at Hotchkiss. You will be in our thoughts and prayers as you attempt this VERY ambitious ride.

Thanks Will,
Family reunion in Oregon and Authors Showcase in Sidney, MT all came during Hotchkiss.

Sorry I couldn't make it.

Be Fantastic


Hi Del:
I guess those excuses/reasons will get you excused for missing the rally.
I assume that either you or your navigator will keep a log/diary of your adventure, with pictures, so you can submit an article for the Sidecarist.

Hey Lonnie, been following your progress on the map. Good progress. Glad to see NYC is in your rearview mirror. Now it's just slogging out the miles.

Am looking forward to your complete ride report here.


HI Everybody,

Sorry to be so late in getting the results of our 48x10 ride up.
We did visit all 48 states, but took 10 days AND 16 hours to complete the ride.

So I missed the goal of becoming the oldest rider on the IBA finishers list to complete the ride.

My daughter rode the sidecar and already has 2 weeks vacation scheduled for June 2017 so that we can take another run at it.

For the story of this years ride visit the BLOG

We hope to have a story ready for the magazine in the near future.

Since the 48x10 I have been on the road.

We totaled 11,763 miles for the month of August and 9/27 I leave for California.

Thanks again for the support and prayers.

Be Fantastic

Del "Lonnie" Lonnquist


Glad you are thinking to take another bite from the apple.

Just checked my IBA paperwork, my exact miles for the 48/10 were 7,448. Were yours similar or substantially higher? There were a few things I would do different, but overall, a successful ride. Be glad to share route ideas and swap stories when you get to Houston. PM me then.


Thanks for the update. Even if you didn't make it in the allotted 10 days you have done something that most of us will only admire and not try ourselves. Thanks for letting us share in your ride. We will await the pictures and report in the Sidecarist.

Will Short