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4 pages of color

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I don't blame you for wanting a break Steve, I realize (or think I do) the work involved. It's just that you do such a fine job and we appreciate it tremendously. I hope someone with the same ability and talent and a desire to take the magazine to the next level (if there is one) steps up.

I know we have pooped Steve out and he is entitled after doing a great job to a brake. My point was to me the contents of the “Sidecarest” that comes from the writers and the editor are more important to me than color pages. I know a lot of people wanted the color I really do not care if it is or not as long as the stories keep coming.


Thank YOU Richard! Ya know, I have to agree with you about the color. I was really hot to do it, but don't think there is that much value added. Maybe it was the pictures I selected, I don't know. It certainly was a pain to pick them out and size them all!

The PE (Pony Express) finaly arrived in SE NM! Got my new issue of TS and it is absolutely fabulous. It has done nothing but get better and better under Steve's direction. We will certainly miss his expertise and he is being more than generous by offering to help the new guy. There's burnout in any job and no one can blame Steve for wanting to take a break.

I liked the color. But, hey, I'm an art major. I wish we had the $$$$ to go with full color, but I'm not dumb enough to think we can.

Anyway, Good Job, Steve. You deserve a pat on the back and our eternal gratitutde for your service. By being a volunteer editor, you have done more than any other single person to put this club in the black. It does not go unnoticed.

As usual, Steve, another great issue! You and your staff always do a fabulous job.
Thank you,

I thought it was great!

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