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4 pages of color

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The addition of color to the current Sidecarist is very pleasing to the eye. In my opinion black and white or color, as long as the pictures are of good quality they expose what sidecaring is all about. To use the words from Hack'd, more smiles for the miles. Karen and I always get smiles from young to old when we are riding my 76 Wing and Velorex combo.

Must be you and I are the only ones that received our magazines.I really liked the color layout anybody else?

hasn't gotten to beautiful downtown Berlin

Got mine last week, on this end of Ohio. It even beat the bill from the printer. Good job Steve.

I'll be greeting that mail lady today for sure. Some people are so lucky and I'm usually not one of them.

Steve, EXCELLANT JOB !!!!! looks

Received mine today. Fabulous issue!! My only disappointment with it was to read toward the back that Steve wants to find a replacement for himself as editor.

Well I got my “Sidecarest” today. The color is OK but I am more with Tom about the opening up of the editor’s spot. I am a reader and with out a good editor color or B/W we just may have some troubles.

Thanks guys. I'm just getting a little fried. I'll help the next person. No reason it shouldn't get better.

Listen guys, I know for a fact that Steve needs a break. He has brought us from the dark ages to a format that is widely used. You get the magazine in the mail a full month after the deadline so while you are enjoying, it's almost time to start over with the next issue. He's not leaving us high and dry but we do need to find him some quality help, so get to work, ask around and lets not get too upset over this. Like Steve said things can only get better. Who knows what can happen with some new blood and fresh ideas.

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