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3x3x3 location for 2014

I just called and made Nancy's and my reservation at Knapp's Motel in Fennimore, WI. Marian is very excited that we decided to come back and stay this year. She even hollered at Mike that the Russian motorcycle were coming back. I heard him in the back ground saying GREAT. If you were not with use last year this motel in an older place but the current owners are doing a bang up job of getting it back into shape. They welcomed everyone like a family member last year.

So now it is you job to pick up the phone and make your call to the Napp's Motel for the 3x3x3 on June 6th, 7th and 8th, 2014. There phone number is 608-822-3226.

I have no idea of any routes yet but there is a good chance of possibly may be hitting four states during the ride this year. And again Breitbach's Country Dinning has a good chance of being one of our stops.

There is several other motel in the area if the Knapp's Motel does not fit you style and I do think that there is also camping in the area. Yes we don't have any mountains or desert to ride in but we do have the Great River Road. Depending on the make up of the group will determine what type of roads I will be taking. With Urals most of us don't care if it is hard surfaced or even on the ADV side of things. All types can be found in the area. ... lanner.pdf

We might even have a chance to eat at the Fennimore Fireman's Steak Fry again this year.

Can I get more infor about this event?? Sounds like Fun

What question do you have? There is no fees to join in the ride. What it is, is my wife and I pick a spot to go for a long weekend. We invite our friends, new and old, to join us. You can join us 1, 2 or all 3 days. Be base out of a town/motel and ride loops around the area returning to the motel in time for supper each evening. We generally ride between 150 and 250 miles per day. Sometimes we will ride to a museum or other tourist type place. Other time we just ride. We tend to eat well during the weekend. After we have returned to the motel for the day the tire kicking a.k.a. lying/story telling begins with or with out an adult beverage. We try to ride no faster then our slowest rider is comfortable with, plus I drive a Ural.

Any other questions you can e-mail me:

Just to chime in...

I'm not a Ural rider but Maryann and I went on the 3x3x3 one year. We wish it wasn't a date conflict for us every year. It was a great time, a low pressure fun rally that is all about riding. The evening activities are just as good. Just talk and relaxation, sadly usually without a campfire [remember, it's a motel]. I'd go again in a minute if it wasn't the same weekend as the SKUNKS Rally in Cameron, WI.

Lee and his group are fine folks who'll take good care of you.

Times getting close.