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28th USCA National Rally-Beaver Arkansas

The 28th Annual National Rally will be held July 13 to 16,2006. Northern Arkansas has some great roads to ride and the campgrounds are on the White River in the Table Rock Lake narrows. Time to start planning!!


Piero Bassi
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Great! Do you know yet if there will be RV camping onsite or should we start looking for local campgrounds?Thanks.....

RV camping on site. check out this thread towards the bottom - lots of links to explore:

We have a new Rally page with lots of pictures and information. Also available is a downloadable registration form or you can register online and pay using paypal. A link on the top banner is available or click here:

Hope to see a bunch of you folks there!

We have stayed in Eureka Srings at the Pine Top Lodge it is a great motel and really frendly to bikers, the owners are great people and good rates. Phone number is 1-877-705-0641.

NEW Beaver Town Park Web site. Great info about the 2006 rally site....

If you have a RV definitely check this section!

Folks the historic bridge that crosses to Beaver is 10T (20,000lb) limit. It is 12'0" wide and not a fraction more! The above link gives direction advice to RV travelers

Hi people,

I am looking forward to the up coming National Rally and it is not that far off. This will be my 1st and hopefully not my last. But because it is my 1st I do not know what I am doing. Oh that is not a new thing most of the time I don’t. lol.

What I need help with now is how I reserve a tent site. I called the park and the lady I talked to was nice but did not know much.

If I have this right it is only 57 days away.

Hi Richard. I think you are pre-registered so that part is paid for and included in that is your camping fee. Now we pretty much just let tent campers put up their tent anyplace they want. So I guess I'm trying to say there isn't any need to reserve, It is first come, first pick on tent spots.

Hi all.
We planning ???????? to attend. Is it any day-by-day plan of activities?
Hope to bring 8-years old twins(boy & girl). Wonder will they have a company? Is it a showers at the campground? Will it be some place for campfire? Thank you. Vlad.