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2800 miles

it was kind of late in the year to start a trip up north but unavoidable if we wanted to go. Fortunately we avoided or missed really bad weather. Original trip was planned as a round trip but my wife seeing a national map in Montana and being surprised at how far we had already gone said we're much closer to Kate than home so let's go there. We left the rig there and flew back. Plans are open on getting the rig back home. Anyway, always wanted to do southwest South Dakota so off we went avoiding interstates where practical across Kansas and Nebraska. Lovely states but not scenic meccas. Toured the Badlands of SD and they are truely BAD. Three days in the Black Hills, Devils Tower in Wyoming to Little Big Horn Battlefield in Montana where I've wanted to revisit (was there in 72) since reading about all the new forensic evidence and knowledge exposed by a grass fire in 89. If like me you grew up with Disney's interpretation of the facts it's an eye opener. Tom the ranger gives a fascinating and entertaining historical context of the unfortunate political and economic background leading to the events. it was all a blast. On travel days with no major site seeing planned the goal was 300 miles +_ 10% especially traveling off interstates. We had an amazing time but glad to be home sleeping in our own bed.

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The problem with humanity is: we have paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and God-like technology.

Few more pictures.

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The problem with humanity is: we have paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and God-like technology.

Looks like a great story and photos for an article for the Sidecarist magazine....

I second Tom's motion.  You have great pictures (of places I recognize -and others) and a great story.  Martin is always looking for material and this fits the requirements - good pictures and a good story.

Will Short

Rapid City, SD

Ex-President USCA

Hey, It is really great to see another Valkyrie sidecar rig.  You rode a somewhat similar route to ours when we rode in July to Coeur d'Alene for the USCA National Rally, except we didn't ride in snow in Wyoming.  We live near West Bend, IA and we followed the Lewis & Clark Trail from Sioux City, IA to Great Falls, MT before turning northward to Glacier National Park.    We then took US 2 into Idaho and then US 95 to Coeur d'Alene.  After the rally we rode south on US 95 to New Meadow, then ID 56 to Boise where we picked up US 20 which we followed until we were back near home.  We rode through Yellowstone NP, but got lost in the construction detours and ended up at Mammoth Springs before taking the park loop east and south to rejoin US 20.

What year is your Valkyrie and how long have you had it on the sidecar?  We now have very near 150,000 miles on our Valkyrie, with all but the original 51,000 as a tug for our Motorvation Formula II LTD.  We love it, though it could stand a few amenities such as a gas gauge.

It appears you started your journey about Fort Smith/Van Buren, AR.  Perhaps we will see you at the 2020 national rally at Mena, AR.