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2/23/07 Update at C Stanley Motorsports Yahoo site

UPDATE 2/23/07
Picture of a Dnper (Dnepr?) sidecar frame converted to a torsion bar
suspension has been added to the photo section.
A similar modification has been done to many sidecars out
This simple modification will allow a lot more adjustment for ride
height as well as a manual tilt adjustment.
We can also create an easlily adjustable linkage setup that will
allow one to adjust the effective spring rate of the sidecar
suspension for whatever condistions are at hand. Going to a stiffer
suspension for running the twisties or carrying a heavy load to a
softer suspension for passenger comfort within a couple of minutes is
possible without swapping out any parts. This in combination with the
manual tilt adjustor allows you to dial in your rig when on a trip or
even a day ride for different conditions.

President: C Stanley Motorsports Inc.
Update: Feb.1,2007 Photo Albums: Upgrades to exisiting sidecars

Cozy Sidecar Lowering Kit.
Cozy sidecars are reminescent of the well known Seib sidecars of
yesteryear. Steib sidecars had a low stance and a great look to them.
The Cozy sits very high in stock form. We have recently developed a
bolt on powdercoated lowering kit for the Cozy. Included is fender
relocation hardware and all the fasteners required. This simple to
install kit also provides the abilty to adjust the suspension slightly
for ride height and/ or tilt adjustments as sidecar loads change.As an
optional bonus there is a ballast package that can be added to the
lowering kit for this light weight sidecar.
We can also provide a quality universal mounting kit for the cozy
sidecar with turnbuckle type e z adjust struts.
With these few bolt on modifications you can turn your Cozy into a
real eyeopening sidecar that will look great on many different
Installation time is minimal. Instructions are included.
Click on the photo album prompt on the homepage and go to the album
called 'Upgrades to exisiting sidecars'. More pictures will be coming
President: C Stanley MotorSports Inc.

Many times a person will aquire a sidecar that he or she wants to
make handle better or modify for a larger bike than it may have been
intended for. We have done quite a few modifications to exisiting
sidecars along these lines. This is Not counting the addition of a
swaybar which will be another topic. We have experience in many areas
along these lines. Modified mounts are of course a popular item.
Adding a larger spindle, upgrading a shock or adding a torsion bar
suspension, adding a tilt adjustor, plating a frame for more weight,
adding struts to a frame for more rigidity and streength or making an
exisitng shock adjustable for ride height are just a few things we
have done.
We can also restore an older sidecar to like new, or better than new,
condition if you have a special classic or a 'keeper' that you just
cannot part with.
This album will eventually have a lot of varied pictures in it. Check
back often