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2+2 sidecar the best

I have HD sidecar and I want to buy a 2 passenger sidecar.

need help to shopping.

What side car is the best?

California, Hanigan, armec any ideas ?

Thank you.

Which makes the best wife; A Blonde, a Redhead, or a Brunette?
all have their good points and warts. Check out the specs, prices, appearance, availability, accessory options and perhaps ease of installation and see which one spins your wheels.

cbentoI have a Harley Road Glide with a California Friendship III which I feel is a Great match for what we use it for. Maybe try looking at the other dealer sites some have pictures of Harleys and the sidecars along with other makes of bikes. Or you could come to the USCA National in Bean Blossom Indiana next year and you may see a few different types there.

I just bought a used Hannigan 2+2 for my 88 Goldwing. I have never had anything to do with a sidecar before so I sent an email to Hannigan and asked for installation instructions. Within a week I received the instructions free of charge. I then found out that I had some parts missing so I called them and was given the choice of a new one or used one, at half the price of the new one. I had heard before that the people at Hannigan were good people and now I know first hand. To me customer service plays a big part in whether to deal with a company or not. Just my vote.

I have a road king (1997) and a HD sidecar.
The reason I want to change is because, I have a grandson and I need 2 seat sidecar.

My prefs are:



C. Bento

The ones mentioned already would be good. You could also check out the Motorvation Formula II. They have a reputation for excellent service and this is a nice sidecar too.
Or, you could cut your Harley sidecar down he middle and widen it by a foot 🙂