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We are going to the Rally but we are trailering. 

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Don't worry Ace, a lot of us are trailering.  I don't see any advantage to riding the rig to three days to get to an event, just so you have to rest for three days, so you can drive the three days back home.  'See you in Mena.

Al Olme

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RickThane Lewis
Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

For some, it's the Rally; for others, it's the Ride to and from the Rally 😊 Back in the day I'd ride seven days to spend one day at a Rally then ride a different route 7 days home

It's only 800 miles from TwinCities to Mena - That should just be a long day for TLMA 😉

This year Mary Margaret will be with me and her work schedule has tightened things up. We will take our time getting to Rally -  then go west to Santa Fe where she will fly home and I'll let weather decide what I do.

I'm just hoping Eurowing has my rig back together in time so I don't have to drive .

Should be a great Rally however folks get there. Looking forward to seeing you.


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Self-Guided "Domino Runs" for the Benefit of CASA of the Ouachita Region - $10 per Play

Jena has worked up four self-guided tours seeking out trivial information at various sites in the area local to the Rally.  The routes vary from 40 to 90 miles, and should take no more than 1/2 day to complete each Run.  You may ride these routes as your schedule permits anytime during the week of the Rally. The four runs are identified as:

    Queen Wilhelmina Lodge Route      - ±41 miles all paved (with a ±12 mile unpaved optional extension)

    Rich Mountain / Three Sticks Loop - ±80 or ±87 miles all paved

    Cassatot River Loop                       - ±86 miles all paved (but maybe a little bumpy in places)

    Little Missouri Falls Loop                  - ±88 miles with 1/2 unpaved NFS gravel roads

There first two Runs and the second two Runs can be combined and run together.

Each participant will have a guide sheet (a "Run Sheet") with directions for each route with six questions to be answered.  Each correct answer equals one domino draw, up to six draws per play, but we'll only count up to five (that is, a correct sixth answer allows the participant to select the best five out of six dominoes - sorta like a poker run, but with dominoes).  High spot count wins each route, and splits the pot with CASA of the Ouachita Region.  Each participant can play as many draws per Run Sheet as they like.

Jena and a representative of CASA plan to have a table set up in the CMA meeting hall to accept the Run Sheets and play the draws on Thursday 6-8pm, Friday 6-8pm, and Saturday 5-6pm.  The four winners will be announced Saturday evening.


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Lee Summer Grove, LA Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300

Avanell &I will probably take the shorter ride. See all of you in Mena about Wed. J.R.


Only 30 days till Rally Time.... get your registration in by next week, May 12th to include the Rally Shirt.  After that registration price stays the same but no shirt guarantee.

More activities are being added to the rally schedule, come early or stay later,  both the pavement and off-road riding in the Mena area is fantastic and the people are very welcoming. Wave and smile as you explore the Ozarks. 

Counting down the days till we gather at Iron Mountain. 

Jan "CCjon" Daub



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John McCann

As a CMA member Mena is a great place to ride lots of beautiful roads as well as many challenging logging roads for those running dual sport hacks. When will the schedule of events be posted or listed ?  

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John McCann

Totally agree with you Rick, the roads around Mena are spectacular.  

We are updating our preliminary schedule, adding new activities, adjusting others.  Final schedule should be out by mid-month.



Final week to register for the USCA National Rally and be guaranteed a rally shirt. Have to place the shirt order Friday the 14th.

Stroker and Klaus with EPM are both planning to be at the rally. First responders are offering accident scene do's and don'ts. A Tech Session on sidecar alignment is set for Friday.

No poker run but four different Domino Runs are ready to go, winners take home $$$.

Sidecar Checkers will be going on every day of the rally.

A country style breakfast will be available Friday and Saturday morning to support the local CMA Chapter and their mission work.

Thursday night, Texas Sidecar Company is sponsoring a casual Hot Dogs / Beans / Potato Salad dinner.

Friday night is an Ice Cream social after the rally included dinner.

Last we heard, the local vintage car club is bringing some of their pride and joys out for the ice cream social. They want to check out all the sidecar rigs. This event is creating quite bit of talk and excitement in Mena. It's their first and hopefully not their last national sidecar rally.

Next day Saturday is the parade, bike show and sidecar games in downtown Mena, Mayor Seth Smith riding in the lead sidecar.

Want to see something other than sidecars? The 18th Annual Lum & Abner Ozark Crafts Festival is going on that same weekend in downtown Mena.

Saturday night is the included awards dinner: Special custom made Trophies by USCA member Elmer Sveda in Arkansas will be announced for:

Games Champion
Checkers Champion
People's Choice Winner
Hard Luck Story
Grand Tour
Ugliest Rat Rig

As well as the 50/50 drawing to benefit CASA, the Mena based children's charity. Then there are a few surprise door prizes to be given away.

If that is not enough, there will a free refreshment station open every day of the rally for the attendees.

Am sure I forgotten to mention something, but most important, get your registration in today...

See you in Mena in June.

Is the Thursday night meal sponsored by Texas Sidecar a donation, pay for, or included in registration event.