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Hi. Just registered at campground. Aparentlygot last pull-thru. They said there was a large turn out. Sound good. See all of you there.


Texas rep.

Talked to Lee (swamp fo0x)  about replacing me with David Johnson. Should be in the works by now. Age (86) and heart problem prompted  the change.  Avanell (90) and I   will still be riding until old age catches up with us.


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Sorry to here your leaving.  See you at the rally.

Dave USCA president

J.R., looking forward to seeing you and Avanell in Mena. All your friends will be there too. This rally is shaping up to be quite the gathering. What is nice is the pavilion and the campgrounds are spacious so no problem for those wanting to social distance... or even anti-social distance of 20'.

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What's the body count so far?

You might think about updating thread on advrider with that info too


Duncan, covid is not keeping people away from the rally. Looks like all of the cabins and most of the RV spots are taken.  Call 601-260-1822 if you have not booked your spot yet.

Still have plenty of FREE tent camping spots. If you have small camper or trailer that does not need utility hookups, that counts as a tent, so it's FREE.

We're at 190 attendees this morning, not checked today's mail. Are estimating somewhere between 250 and 300 total for the rally, depending on weather. Even if weather turns sour, we have indoor events planned, prizes, awards and lots of door prizes. 

Can people just show up, still register and pay at the door? Yes, the rally fee stays the same with no rally shirt though. We have to have sizes by May 10th to order the correct number of shirts in each size. This year the rally shirt is a better quality Qwik-Dri fabric, easy to clean, drys fast, cool for southern riding.

There are no day passes or meal tickets this year.  

The rally kicks off on Thursday June 3rd, 8 A.M. Anyone is welcome to arrive a day or so early, make sure your camp site is available, we might ask you to volunteer with setting up.  Rally volunteers are always welcome for setup, during and take down on Sunday. 

Pre-registration cut off is in three weeks, May 10th. Make sure you have registered by May 10th to get a rally shirt included with your Rally fee. 

Long term weather forecast is looking good for June in Mena. 

See you there.







Thanks for info. Glad to see it on advrider too - Sounds like it is going to be a great rally.

I checked and our reservation from last year is still intact - but I couldn't find any information on Rally shirts for me and my accompanying life manager. Is there any way to tell if we ordered shirts and if so, what sizes?




TLMaryann and I will be there.  'Looking forward to seeing TLMM [you can tag along].


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Great. MM and I were too late last year to get a cabin at campgrounds and nothing has opened up this year so we are staying in a B&B downtown. Hoping that my rig rig will be back together in time for Rally; if not we will be on 4 wheels.

looking forward to seeing all.


Duncan, it shows one XL and one L for you two.

Now get that rig together, would like to see it finished and on the road.


Hi:  Anyone from Florida or Georgia planning to ride out to the rally in Mena ?