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I applaud  the Rally Chairs on making this decision, it couldn't have been easy

Looking forward to 2021


USCA #9818 BMWMOA #159590

I've begun to dust off some of my 2020 travel plans for 2021.  I'm supposed to get my first COVID-19 shot next week.  Early June may be too soon for most to have been immunized.

The Rally information has been updated and posted at the beginning of this thread.  2021 registration is now open. The link is in the first posting. (Ignore the 2020 in the link, if we had started a new link for 2021 we would have lost the information on those who had already registered and paid for 2020). 

Many thanks to those who registered for the 2020 Rally then patiently waited after we rescheduled the rally for 2021. All of your information and deposits were saved, are now applied to the 2021 rally.  

Looking forward to seeing as many old members and new members as possible in Mena. 

Jan "CCjon" Daub, USCA VP

2021 Rallymaster



Taxman, don't know about that, my wife and I got our shots the last week of December. Every state is handling it differently.  Hope everyone who wants a vaccine shot can find one.  This is not a flu where you want to find out if your body can survive it or not. Don't roll the dice on this one, I encourage you to get the shots.


We get our 2nd. shots on the 28th.  Should be pretty clear by middle of Feb.  Got full intentions of being in Mena in June. J.R.

That's great news J.R. Was thinking about you and Avanel the other day, wondering how you two were doing. A rally without you two would not be the same. 

Did you ever get your shark rig rebuilt?  Or Avanel's scooter rig?


Shark rig still waiting for something. Avanell got another Burgman,cheaper than rebuilding her transmisson. Got me a Burgman rig so I can keep up with her.

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Does anyone know who I would contact to cancel my rally reservation? We just found out we have a family wedding scheduled for June 3 or4. Don’t think it would sit well if we told the family we couldn’t make it because we had a sidecar rally scheduled. Thanks 

I can handle that for you. email:

Jan Daub

 Any suggestion on lodging in the area. Spent to darn many years in a tent. I have only found two with search .  Any in put would be welcome.

This comes right on the back of a trip to TN, But we can get it in. new rig should be done in March.

Both of us had cov19. waiting on second shot.