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Jon; You are right about all the expert advice. You can ask 50 people the same question and get 50 different expert answers. None of them wrong. Just different from the others.

You will meet the nicest group of people anywhere,except for a few old sore heads..Avanell and I expect to be there Thursday. Help all I can,just don't expect too much physical labor. More like registration or something. If Avanell is up to it,she might be able to help with 50-50.  See you guys soon.



Jon; Just checked with Avanell. We are supposed to be there Tuesday.

Couple of quick questions for the rally

1 will SCA have a goodie store at Mena like they have in magazine?

2 this one's for John and tech alignment seminar on Friday, any chance you need a voulenteer hack or a few dead presidents to use my rig?

Big shout out to John at CMA for finding me and wife a bunk cabin , Iron mountains a great place we go there several times a year . If anyone wants to stop by and gave an ice tea or coffee we  will be there Thursday cabin 408

Stop by say hi and get you and your rig blessed by CMA of Denton Texas before we go off on adventures or ( guys if your like me and your better half doesn't ride and needs someone who kinda knows the area and wants to hang out send her over and let the wives hang out

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Thane Lewis
So.... all my sidecar plans have vaporized until July.
To date, my wife has had exactly one ride in one car to DQ in town and she isn't convinced that this is the thing for her/us to pursue.  To that end, I would like to make a statement in advance that anyone who is willing to give her a trial ride at the rally would help us both decide how to proceed.
Thanks in advance.
Thane & Karen, Broken Bow Nebraska

We were looking at having a USCA Store at the rally, then we read up on Arkansas Sales Tax regulations and requirements... a no go. Sorry, hate to disappoint anyone, but a store is not to be. 

As far as finding some one to take your better half for a spin in their rig, doubt you will have any problem finding that. Many are coming solo, just talk around and you'll find many rides for her. 

Sidecar alignment is easy once you know the basics, Kent and John will be hosting that session.  They might even coach you as you do yours yourself.

See y'all in Mena.



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Thane Lewis

Thane, I do not understand the "vaporized until July" comment.  We will be headed home from the rally and our visits in Iowa and Omaha and will pass thru Nebraska on the freeway, not too far from Broken Bow.  Wanda has ridden in our other sidecars in the past, as well as thousands of miles as a passenger on two wheels.  She said after her knee replacement she will no longer ride on the bike, but is ready to go in the sidecar.

We will be headed out from western Oregon in a few days, riding the entire way to Mena.  Tell Karen she should think of it as an adventure rather than an ordeal.  The two of us are 80 years of age and we look forward to our next adventure.  Our latest sidecar was mounted on a 2005 Harley, but after the first ride Wanda said it needed more power, so it is now mounted on a 2016 Harley.  The sidecar is a 2021 DMC Expedition.  Hope to see the two of you in Mena.

Gary and Wanda Shearer, Salem, Oregon


Thanks for the encouragement, Gary.  By vaporized, I mean that my attempts to procure or devise a sidecar rig of our own have (literally) blown themselves apart over the last two years.  Most recently, my 1150GS ate it's cam-chain guides and did a lot of engine damage in the process.  The bike is being sold as parts and I am hoping to buy Dave's Venture Royale rig, but that won't be until late July.

We are going to the rally, but in our Tahoe, not on three wheels. 

Leaving for rally Monday or Tue. early.  Grandkids can't come this year, will be in school till Wed. so no rally for them this year.  Kiya and I will be in late thur.

Dave USCA president for a few more days.

Dave, Thane, everybody on their way or about to be, God Speed, safe travels, looking forward to seeing everybody again. Welcome to those attending their first USCA Rally.  Plan on a busy three-four days. There is a lot to do, see and enjoy in the Mena area and at Rally Central on the CMA Iron Mountain Campgrounds.

For the first timers, you will realize the sidecar community is much larger than what you might see on your local street.  We all may be scattered across the country, but are passionate about having a third wheel. 



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Thane Lewis

Heading over to Denver this morning to stay at a friends and then the two of us will head towards Arkansas tomorrow morning. We should be at the rally on Tuesday evening as long as the weather holds up.

Really looking forward to this one since I have not been on a road trip on the bike since the 2019 rally in Coeur d'Alene.

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