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[SOLD]2019 Velorex 563, stunning, San Jose, if you know the way

For sale: 2019 Velorex 563 Sidecar.

It's very low mileage, near new condition. I am selling it following the demise of my number 1 passenger last year. He was 16 (a dog).

A video of the sidecar is here:

I'm looking for $1500 ono for the sidecar. The bike in the video is not for sale, but I would consider a reasonable offer. The sidecar connection would need to be rebuilt, and honestly, a Triumph Thruxton is far better as a cafe racer than as a sidecar tug.

Contact details: no need to call, you are too late.

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Have you considered adopting another sidecar companion? Although I just recently sold my sidecar outfit, Petey is my third  sidecar sidekick. When Archie passed in 2010, it was three months before  I'd even think about adopting another. He was one in a million. But then came Henry, and now Petey. All rescues. The adventure continued until my health got to the point that I had to consider closing out that chapter. Petey lives on, but life won't be as exciting for either of us from now on.... Good luck what ever route you decide to take.... One more thought, if you haven't already watched the video Sit, Stay, Ride, the story of America's sidecar dogs, I'd suggest you watch it before giving up on the idea of riding with a K-9 companion....

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Quote from Reardan Tom on February 14, 2023, 8:12 pm

Have you considered adopting another sidecar companion?

Why yes. Yes we did consider that. Maybe in a year or two. In the mean time, I want my garage back.

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