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2019 US sidecar Rally

I just registered my wife and I as participants in this years Rally in Idaho.  Both of us will be on our own sidecar rigs.



AMA - IBA Certified Two Million Mile Rider

Thanks Miles. Your registration made me decide to get off my duff and get registered. Or at least sit here on my duff and fill out the form on line.... We'll see ya there.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

I know that the rally is still over four months off but who's going?

Dave Szkudlarek is driving here (Minneapolis) and riding out with us.  TLMaryann is stopping at Yellowstone to visit with her sister while Dave and I go on the Coeur deAlene (sp?).  We'll probably get in on Thursday.  'Looking forward to a great rally and seeing some of our West coast friends.


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota