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2019 US sidecar Rally

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I just registered my wife and I as participants in this years Rally in Idaho.  Both of us will be on our own sidecar rigs.



Thanks Miles. Your registration made me decide to get off my duff and get registered. Or at least sit here on my duff and fill out the form on line.... We'll see ya there.

I know that the rally is still over four months off but who's going?

Dave Szkudlarek is driving here (Minneapolis) and riding out with us.  TLMaryann is stopping at Yellowstone to visit with her sister while Dave and I go on the Coeur deAlene (sp?).  We'll probably get in on Thursday.  'Looking forward to a great rally and seeing some of our West coast friends.


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Looks like I will be there along with norton(kel). This will be the end of our ride. We are leaving S. Colorado and riding the CDR to the Canadian border then down to the Rally.


Mike and I are planning on being at the rally in Coeur d'Alene, but due to mom's health we will not be riding in this year.  We can't be gone that long so we are flying into Spokane and renting a car.  (there just are no places to rent sidecars).  So barring any unforeseen events we will be there the whole week.

Belinda & Mike

Belinda Schraeder EA, USCA Treasurer

So we are seriously considering attending this years rally and I see that non-members are charged $49 to attend and my wife will also be charged $49 to join me.  I don't see any information as to what we can expect for our $89?  We have never been to a USCA  rally and we have no idea as to what to expect.  Attending the rally would be part of a 3 week trip coming up from Southern California in our sidecar.

James, become a member and save $10.  Enroll your wife as an associate member and save another $10 on the rally registration fee.  If you have a USCA sanctioned district rally in your area you can save another $5 each on the registration fee for the district rally.

To me the USCA national rally is excuse to head out on the road to ride and see what is to be seen along the way.

There have been sidecar setup classes, rig weigh-ins to determine if the weight of the rig is properly distributed among the three wheels, hands-on sessions on rig operation in emergency situations, and other seminars on various sidecar topics at past rallies.  I don't know what seminars or riding activities are planned this time, but I'm going to be there to find out.

A few years ago we visited Civil War battlefields where my great, great grandfather had fought.  This year I plan to ride along the Missouri River following the path of the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 215 years ago.

It appears to me you are planning to do some sight-seeing along the way if you are taking 3 weeks to travel from southern California to Idaho and back in 3 weeks.  It will mean making choices as to what is important for you to see because you can't see and do it all in 3 weeks, but you'll get a very good impression of what that part of the country has to offer.  If you can, include US Highway 12 from Lewiston, ID to Mizzoula, MT.



Thanks for the reply Tax Man.  The rally would just a extra few days stopping while on a trip visiting friends during a typical summer excursion for us.  Stops include Ft. Bragg, CA, Tillamook, OR, Yakima, WA, Twisp, WA, Coeur D'Alene, ID, Whitefish, MT, Anaconda MT, & Payette, ID. I'm very familiar with Idaho & Montana, as I got my Geology degree at Idaho State and we own property in Anaconda.  The sidecar rally fits in nicely between Twisp & Whitefish so I can adjusted our schedule to include it. Will there be some sort of schedule put out as to what to expect when for all of the potential stuff you've mentioned that has been at previous rallies?

Hi James:

We would love to see you at the rally.  It is an ideal time to visit with other sidecarists and study their rigs. You will find that there is very little duplication between rigs.

Click on the "Join the USCA" - 3rd from the left and join us.  You will get a bi-monthly magazine with articles on travel and sidecar set-up plus the reduced costs on local and national rallies.

Will Short

USCA President

We are working on getting a schedule of activities at the Rally.  Stay tuned!


Will Short

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