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2019 Elections

Hi Everyone:

We need to start thinking about the next USCA election.  I am open to nominations for President (I am not running again,), treasurer,NE regional director, MW director, SW director and NC director.  Look in your Emergency and Friendship Directory (Pages 35-37) for details on the responsibilities for each office. I am open to nominations.

We also need a new Advertising person.  Our very able current advertising person - Jim DeJarnat -  has asked to step down.  

we also need a election chair too.  Be nice if they were going to the national rally and a member.


I'd be quite willing to be election chair if nobody else wants the position. Something to add to my resume and a definite increase in my retirement benefits...

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

I vote for Tom election chair.   And nominate Belinda for another term as treasurer.

I'll second Dave's nomination of Belinda for office of treasurer.

Thanks folks!  I accept Tom's nomination for elections chair. Thanks Tom.  If you have any questions please email me.

Thanks Dave, for the nomination of Belinda for treasurer.  Thanks Don, for the second.

We have an Elections Chair - Tom Wells

We have a nomination and second for the position of Treasurer of USCA - Belinda Schroeder.

Thank you Tom for stepping up to be Election Chair. Looking forward to visiting with you again at the 2019 rally.


No problem CC Jon... We'll  undoubtedly talk again a few times prior to the rally. Looking forward to it and it will be here before we know it. Seems like a ways off now though.


Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

We have a nomination (Via personal email) for Greg Szkudlarek for Midwest Regional Director.  We need second.



I will second nomination for Dave.

I will nominate George Corder for SW.


Tex. Rep.