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2017 National Rally

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Short vid from Rally:


Will you please verify the dates for 2018 Rally? My calendar says June 16, 17, 18 is Saturday Sunday Monday. We normally do Thursday Friday Saturday - that would be 14, 15, 16.



2011 R1200GS + EML CT2001

There is a good thread that's several years old now about What Makes a Good Rally.

I thought it would be good to refresh our data.

I have created basically the same questions as the original thread, in a simple online survey format:

I will compile the results and post them here in the forum for all to see.

Thank you in advance for participating!

Al Olme weighed our rigs; I didn't get a copy of the info for my rig, but he said that info would be on the USCA web site. Is it up yet? (I couldn't find it.) Thanks.

It went up on Tuesday. If you look at the "USCA Sponsored Rally Info" forum, it's two posts down from the top.

Here's a link

For God's sake! We know that you have to modify the head to change true rake. I've done several HD's. My brother always loved to chop the H-- out of every bike he has ever had. Yes, we cut off the head and realigned it.
Anyway, what we're talking about here is the angle of the forks and the geometry of the turning assembly which includes fork angle and fork swing. Get off what is rake vs what isn't rake. If you change the triple tree does it help? A question for your rally groups as being together sparks a good discussion.

I have run into so many sidecarist's (sp) still fighting the turning thing. Some have won 1st place at our rally's but the unit is a bear to ride. Ok,it looks pretty but does that = 1st place?
We need a category at our rally's that = the whole package. Not just pretty.

I talked with one who has won 6- 1st places at rallys but complains and asked my help because the darn Indian is a bear to ride especially with determining how much weight is required depending on everything. 🙂

OK, electric lift should be a given including the setup being right. Now, the question I didn't hear at the rally was the issue of triple tree.?

P.S.- We did have a good rally discussion on sidecar brakes and the consensus was don't go there unless you're riding a light bike with a heavy sidecar? Very interesting.... ? I went around and looked and saw many sidecars with brakes that were rusted and/or not working. Most of them...

Rally inclusion should have a tech tent. Inspection and suggestions for improvements. Roll your unit in and get a group look over for inputs. Might be an interesting article for the mag?
Include a category for the best overall setup. Does it ride well or not? Even if it's really pretty? Ok, pretty first, ride second?


I moved your post because it is more about rally suggestions than the topic in which it appeared.

The definition of rake i repeated so often because, despite your assertion that "We know you have to modify the head to change true rake" the fact is most folks don't know. We're please to have well informed folks like you here to explain it.

Your ideas for the rally are interesting and we will take them as thoughts for the next rally. Some of them require "experts" that we may or may not have. I particularly like the "tech tent" but we'd have to limit the hours it was open. We can't expect a knowledgeable group to sit there all day waiting for someone to come in. They want to enjoy the rally as well.

Thanks for the input.

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