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2017 National Rally

Keep trying the camp ground - they haven't returned any of my messages. Corning, New York. Great area for looking around.
Guess the campground won't open for reservations until Spring.

This will be my first sidecar rally if in NYS even though I've been running a sidecar for years. We'll see...... ?

I have friends who are getting older like myself with a two wheeler and some like my self a three wheeler. I'm encouraging them to consider a sidecar. I believe it's much better than a three wheeler (know several friends with three wheeler accidents).

Being from the Syracuse, NY area this might be something that gets the sidecar concept off the ground here? We really need to promote this in our local clubs etc. (Legion Hall, VFW, church, music festivals)

Maybe some of the local bike shops will add sidecar setups?

Can anyone provide any information about when a registration form for this rally is likely to be available and some information about what the tentative schedule is for the rally? One of the main things I would like to know is how much, if anything, would likely be happening on Sunday, 7/30/17?

rogersfr, am not speaking on behalf of this year's rally organizers, but traditionally the Rally highlight is Friday and Saturday. Sunday most people are packing up and heading back home.

Where on the campgrounds is the rally headquarters? I'm trying to decide which campsites to reserve. Thanks!

From what I understand it is the grassy area along the front of the campground next to the trout stream. Are you on the Ferenbaugh website. You can see the map of the campground.

Camp map attached

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Yes. I was wondering which campsite to reserve. I may have another fellow coming with us that has never been past St. Louis! He's really excited about going. We'll see what the summer brings. Thanks for the info.

Does anyone have the email address of Ferenbaugh Campground? The email link, at least on my computer, wants me to set up a new account through Windows. No thanks.

the email addy is...