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2017 National Rally

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I just signed up for cabin 1.

Aren't Nationals usually the last week in June? Or does the time and location change yearly? Closest national to me in a while but I've made plans with friends for a different rally. 🙁

The national rally moves each year and the date is dependent on the availability of the location. 'Hope you can make it.

Looking forward to making this one. LOL

Hopefully get to see you at one again Claude.

This event got me fired up for camping again. We hadn't been camping for 6 years so we got the RV checked out and went for a Halloween weekend near our house. We are planning to come in early and make a week vacation out of it.

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Has anyone communicated with the proprietors at the Frerenbaugh Campground? I tried to reserve a cabin back in Feb. and again in October and have not gotten a response

I called back in August and got cabin #2. I'm pretty sure all 4 cabins are gone by now. The campground is open seasonally I imagine it's all closed up by now. You might have to try back in the spring

Anybody have any information on motels near the rally site? Lots of choices in Corning - any deals for Rally-goers?



2011 R1200GS + EML CT2001

Stay tuned Duncan. Larry Pocobello emailed today to say he is working on it and other pertinent details of the rally. He has made contact with several local motels and is working on special arrangements. More info is coming.

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