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2017 Iron Butt Rally - including a Sidecar

I'm sure there are a few Long Distance Riders lurking in this forum, so there should be quite a few that are aware not only of the Iron Butt awards (Saddle Sore, Bub Burner, Ultimate Coast to Coast, etc.) but the Iron Butt rally (IBR).

The Iron Butt Rally is not a race, it's an endurance treasure hunt (as you may know), and is run every 2 years. It is restricted to just over a hundred starters,, and covers over 11,000 miles in 11 days.

This years Iron Butt Rally starts on Monday June 26th, 2017 in Minneapolis at 10:00 am local. From what I've read, for the first time there will be a sidecar competing, with an entire family aboard! Michael, Anavel and their daughter Laura will be 3-up in a Harley based rig.

If interested, you can read about and follow the details on this link, there's often a few video's posted of the start, and a "spotwalla" tracking site too:

Cheers, Adrian (2016 Ural Gear-Up)

Thanks for the heads up' Adrian!

A Saddle Sore 1000 around Lake Michigan is on my bucket list.

a SS1000 or perhaps the 1500 is on my list to do with my sidecar. it's too easy on two wheels. let's see what it's with 3! LOL

cudos to the family going with the guy. it's hard enough on those of us who are crazy enough to do it, but for a wife and child to endure it, that's something.

Wow! Sounds like something one would need to train hard for. As mentioned a SS1000 is easy if you use the super slab but doing it consecutive days is more daunting. With a sidecar and family along I can't imagine doing 1000 miles in one day much less for 11 consecutive days. Total fuel carried is limited to 11.5 gallons so right off the hack is at a disadvantage requiring more refuels. I'll be following this to see how it sorts out. Kudos to the participant for even trying something like that.

I'm pretty sure there has been at least one earlier sidecar participant in the IB Rally - can't recall if it finished or not. Also pretty sure it was ridden solo, not with a family on-board.

Can't remember the year [2007?] - it was the rally that ended in Spokane WA

Gas limit puts the sidecar at a HUGE disadvantage - particularly when fully laden with passengers.


I did some digging on the IBR Facts site and found three previous sidecar entries:

1997: Dennis Cunningham, came in 51st out of 61 Finishers (78 started), on a BMW K100/Sidecar
2001: Bob Mutchler came in 76th out of 93 finishers (113 started), on a BMW R1100RT sidecar
2003: Patrick Jacobson came in 83rd out of 94 (117 started), on a 1998 Harley-Davidson FLHTCUI Sidecar

For other Ural riders, I found only one reference to a Ural:

2001: Paul Pelland came in 87th out of 93 finishers (113 started), he was riding a Ural Solo

Cheers!! Adrian

The Boge family (ridng 3 up) are still riding, and all together after 3 days (Thursday morning) they were near the bottom of the pack - but still riding. Here are a couple of links to YouTubes of an "inspection" and also a chat with the family:

Enjoy!! Cheers, Adrian

Thanks for the posting the links. Here's to safe travels for the Boge family!

Lee Summer Grove, LA R1100GS/CSM Sidecar, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L

Just a follow up.

The Boge family were finishers in the IBR, they finished 86th and had enough points to be finishers in the rally.

Good job and congrats to them.