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2016 USCA Rigs In The Rockies Rally

Be aware that the Phantom Canyon Road is a one or two lane dirt road that was built on an 1800s railroad grade and is a good 300 mile detour from Denver to Hotchkiss. One of my favorites but I do not get down that way too often any more.

We will not be doing an official Winery tour since drinking and hacking are not a wise idea up here in the mountains, if anywhere. Disclaimer aside there are several wineries in and around Hotchkiss and plenty more within an easy ride. There will be a map of the wineries on the map wall at Heritage Hall.

I have done Phantom before - great putt. And looking forward to Cripple Creek for a fine steak.
Heck, I'd leave today and wind my way around all the tornados...then dig out the snow at Monarch.
Guess I better wait. Maybe it will be better in a couple of months

Oh by the way, first time I did Phanton it was in my Sprinter based RV!

Yep, Phantom Canyon Road is nice as is the whole Gold Belt Tour. I much prefer Victor to Cripple Creek especially since they got gambling in Cripple Creek.

So in Victor, any recommendations for motels and fine eats?

Last I knew there was a great restored victorian era hotel in Victor, and it was not expensive. Maybe Dana knows if it's still open. Victor Hotel, I think it's called.

Also, an alternative to Phantom Canyon Road for adventurous people not afraid of narrow, winding roads and heights is Shelf Road, from Canon City up to Cripple Creek.

Yep, Victor Hotel is a nice place and I think you can still stay in the old brothel above the Fortune Club.

Hmmmm, "old brothel". Now there is a different ride! Do they have newer stock?
Sorry couldn't help it.

Thanks for the info.

YIKES. Dana, you didn't say it was haunted! Made resos, should I book a room for a priest too?

Bob Herman, I remember driving the Canon City to Cripple Creek road through small tunnels and crossing bridges made out of logs back in the early '70s driving a Chevelle Malibu loaded with four kids in the back seat and a trunk full of camping gear. The underside of the car rolled over the rocks as if they were oversized ball bearings. Has that road been paved?

Don, not Bob but that sounds like Phantom Canyon Road with the old railroad trestles and tunnels instead of the Shelf Road.


I took a little ride over to Crawford for lunch yesterday and grabbed a few pictures to whet your appetites.

This is just up the road from my house in Hotchkiss.

Community center in Crawford.

View from Crawford Reservoir.