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2016 USCA Rigs In The Rockies Rally

Okay, thanks.

Bob, you won't be alone, there will be plenty of other dog people there with the same concerns. Petey and I included.

For all rig owners who love to travel with their pets, Eric Ristau, the author of "Sit, Stay, Ride" has agreed to give a presentation at this year's national rally. His newest book is in the works and might be available in time for the rally.

Mark the dates and get your reservation in now for the rally.

Yeah, I saw that. My dog/hack adventure is just beginning and I'm anxious to learn how others deal with logistics on the road.
Such as: how do you keep the dog safe, secure, comfortable and calm when you have to leave him in the tub for shopping and such? I plan to do multi-day camping/touring trips with my dog starting this summer.
Well, we started in February in the Arizona desert...

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Sorry all but I was out in Moab all last week playing on the trails with the Ural.

All is good anywhere on the fairgrounds except in the park. When I say fence around the park I use the term very loosely as it is really just a rail and they do not allow camping in the park either but they have given me special permission for this event otherwise we would all be camping in the regular campground. The regular campground is no different than and just an extension of the park without the playground equipment.

One of the breakfast places in town is a nice coffee shop with a lot of outdoor seating so I am going to run by when I am over there this weekend and verify that pets are welcome in the outdoor seating area there also.

Hi everyone, Ken Quast here a new member of the USCA. I will be going to the rally this summer a first for me. My dog Dude will also be coming along. I am not sure if I am riding or trailering the rig at this point. It will be my first major road trip if I ride. I bought the rig 1.5 years ago. A 1989 Harley Ultra Classic Tour Glide with a friendship 1 sidecar. I have gone through the bike at this point in time and it is running good. I basically rebuilt it. I am presently updating the brake lights and turn signals with LED's. I will add headlights on the side car also before the trip. I have also done some upgrades to the sidecar to make it safer for my dog "Dude" he loves to ride !!!! I am in the Chicago west suburb's, if any one is traveling through this area on the way to the rally it would be great to caravan. I also have a fairly well equipped shop if any help is needed on any one's rig. You can go to my website all my contact info is there just in case here's my e-mail:

With the Rally only two months away, better be plotting my scenic route there and back. Anyone else in the Houston area going?

Just a quick note and rally tip;
We have been still receiving quite a bit of snow in the mountains so the high passes will have a good bit of snow on them when rally time rolls around so be careful riding and remember to bring some warm riding gear. Just because it is July it will still be quite chilly on the mountains. Here is a picture looking East toward McClure pass from about 20 miles East of Hotchkiss on Sunday.

A few tips for those planning your routes to the rally.
If you are coming from the East the best route from Denver is I70 to Glenwood Springs. From Glenwood Springs head East on CO 82 towards Aspen and when you get to Carbondale, about 13 miles from I70, you will head West on CO 133 about 70 miles to Hotchkiss. Once you leave Carbondale this is a narrow 2 lane highway and McClure Pass has some steep grades and tight turns so it is not recommended for large class A type motorhomes. For those Interstate highway haters like myself I 70 from Denver to Grand Junction is a very nice drive that should be experienced if you have never done it. For those with bigger rigs, RVs not sidecars, I would recommend continuing on I70 to Clifton and take the Business Route 70/ US 50 exit at Clifton. From here head South and follow the signs for US 50 to Delta. At Delta turn East on CO 92 and it is 20 miles to Hotchkiss.

If you are coming in from the West your best bet is catch US Route 50 at Grand Junction and go South to Delta where you will turn West on CO 92 and it will be 20 miles to Hotchkiss from there. When you hit the West side of Grand Junction there is an exit for Business Route 70/ US 50 but The West exit will take you through downtown Grand Junction and is a lot longer time wise and only a few miles shorter distance wise.

If you are coming in from the North or South let me know where you are coming from and I can help with routing if you need it.

As with all mountain roads in Colorado be very cautious of rocks on the road, especially when in canyons or when you have a steep bank beside you. Frost heaves in the road are another common occurrence that will not be kind to your rig.

For those coming from the East I would also commend Phantom Canyon. Nice little ride and not out of your way much. I recon I'll RON at Cripple Creek do Phantom Canyoun AM and blast up to Paonia for the night. Hope everyone has a safe and fun ride. See y on Saturday

PS: Dana, hope you have a map to the wineries, or plan on a tour. 🙂

PPS: Nice thiing about three wheels have some won't fall over!