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2016 USCA Rigs In The Rockies Rally

If you haven't ridden US 12 across Idaho you should include it in your itinerary.

Thanks Don, done it several times but not any time recently.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

I see that you have 3 BMW's and a fake BMW. Are you a member of the BMWMOA? They are leaning on us again to find out if we qualify as charter club.

If you are an MOA member what is your membership no.?

The old 650 flat head Urals were fake Beemers, I suppose, but the OHV 750s are all Ural. For the record Harley and Indian made flat opposed twins before BMW was even in existence, along with a couple of others.

Yes I am a BMWMOA member and it has already been posted in the appropriate thread.

Thanks Dana!! The fake Beemer crack was based on the reverse engineering of the Ural from the WWII Beemer. Yes - it has evolved from there for the better but that is where it started as with a couple of other Russian brands.

I visited the HD museum in Milwaukee a few years ago and was surprised to see a horizontally opposed engine on one of the bikes.

I spent 25 months of my active duty time in the Army in a Field Artillery Target Acquisition Battalion. HQ battery had a drone aircraft platoon used primarily for photo reconnaissance. They were metal skinned, fixed wing aircraft with a 13' wingspan and were powered by an air-cooled horizontally opposed engine, though I don't remember now if they were 2- or 4-cylinder. Even though they were an expendable item, I would have been in big trouble if I had brought one home with me.

In the horizontally opposed frame of reference... The Pioneer Village Museum in Cameron, WI has a washing machine that is powered by a horizontally opposed twin that was purpose built for the job. There are lots on BMW engines [often with a Rotax gearbox] used in ultralight aircraft.

We will have to continue the Ural thread elsewhere but it did get some action in the thread.

And for the record the flatheads were 750s not 650s, surprised no one called me on that, too laid back over here I guess.

Ok everyone if you have not registered yet and want a T shirt for the rally speak now and I will get it in the order. I don't need money until the rally I just need to know you want one as I will not be ordering a bunch of extras.

I took the K100/EML rig over to Palisade for the annual vintage show.

A nice ride back home to Hotchkiss.