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2016 USCA Rigs In The Rockies Rally

There is a local hangout in Crawford that will be doing a charity rally the same weekend we will be there and the owner, Jamie, wanted me to make sure everyone at the sidecar rally knew they were welcome to come by also. They will have a good local Blues Band playing on Friday night if anyone is interested in that also.

There is a nice little coffee shop on the West side of town for those who like a premium cup o Joe,
They also have pretty good breakfast burritos, quiches and baked goods. I have spoken with the owner and she would be happy to see us stop by and they have a really nice dog friendly patio to consume your food and beverages on with your 4 legged companion.

A few pictures of McClure Pass from last Friday heading over to Hotchkiss.

Thanks for the pictures. I'm really looking forward to being in Hotchkiss in July.

And overlooking Paonia, Friday afternoon:

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You going to be around next weekend Bob? I will be in and out this coming weekend, Memorial Day, but I will be in Hotchkiss all weekend the following. Actually I will be in Palisade Saturday for the Western Colorado Vintage motorcycle show. Think I will throw the K100/EML in it.

Dana, I may be heading up to Golden later this week. But I'll be at the Palisade show myself. I don't think I'll be putting a vintage bike in the show, but probably will show up with the Tiger rig.

Sounds good. Since the K100/EML is 31 years old this year I figured I may as well put it in the show. See you at the show.

Preregistration is closing today if anyone cares. I need to get the t shirt order in to Duke pretty quick here so if anybody has not sent me a registration and wants a shirt let me know now. I will order a few extra but I will not guaranty you will get a shirt if you do not let me know before I turn the order in. Rally price also goes up $5.00 at the rally so as long as you send in the registration before the rally the discounted price still holds.

Anyone have suggestions for a good two day route from the Spokane area to the rally that does not include the ride through SLC? Just wonderin'. I don't have my route figured out yet, open to suggestions.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom