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2016 USCA Rigs In The Rockies Rally

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Online registration is now open


 OK boys and girls since I have been getting a few requests on and off the board about next year I guess it is time to start the 'official' rally thread.

2016 Rigs In The Rockies Rally will be in Hotchkiss, CO at the Delta County Fairgrounds starting Thursday, July 7th and ending Sunday, July 10th.

One thing I would like to let everyone know is that Hotchkiss is a small very rural town and they do things in a very slow paced way. This is not your typical Colorado mountain tourist town they are predominantly farmers and ranchers so go easy on them please.

I will add updates and information to this thread so let's try to keep it here to make things less confusing please.

I have attached two files, the .pdf is just the information guide for the fairgrounds for those who are bored and need something to read, it is actually a nice guide but there are some general restrictions that will not apply to us since we are special. Any questions please ask.

There is a .kmz file that is a Google Earth link that should show a little map I made up of the fairgrounds.

I and some of the rest of the rally crew will be there on Wednesday so please check in with us when you get there so we can keep this as organized as possible, I do not anticipate any issues with space since we have pretty much the whole fairgrounds but we do need to keep some method to the madness.

There are a few RV sites next to the park that have 30 amp power hookups and a water faucet for potable water but no sewage. These are first come first served and the fairgrounds wants $6.00 a night for these the last time I checked. There is a money box by the bathrooms in Heritage Hall where you put the money. These are not very big sites so they are best suited for class C and truck campers. If you have a bike trailer we have an area for you to leave it since it will not fit well in these spaces. I will try to save a couple of these spots for those who may need the power for medical reasons also.

The area that is marked as parking is an open parking lot that will hold quite a few RVs and this is open to any who want to dry camp their rigs for free during the rally. No electric and no water. I will save a couple of spots next to the building for people with CPAP machines and such so we can run a cord out for you but this will be a 15 amp circuit at best so please if you need this please use accordingly.

There is a nice commercial RV park in Hotchkiss a mile from the fairgrounds that is well suited for those with big RVs that would like full service amenities. I took a ride through during our local rally just to check it out and it looks like a very nice place. They do not have a website but here is their information;

Now for tent camping. Tent camping will be allowed in the park itself after 5:00 pm on Thursday. This is the town park and the only other group that has been allowed to do this is our local BMW club for our annual rally so this is somewhat of an honor. The grass is one of the nicest places you have ever pitched a tent and the groundskeeper, Les, is very protective of it. Also keep in mind this is the town park and it is still open to the public so there will probably be children stopping by to utilize the playground equipment and I am sure the townsfolk will be wandering through to look at the foreigners and their funny machines so please do not camp too close to the playground equipment. This is their park and we are just honored guests. There is a single rail fence around the park and there are also no pets allowed inside the fenced in park. I have another area marked as regular tent camping and this is the normal tenting area. This is right next to the park and it is also grass and trees and I will have this partitioned off so those of you who will be camping with their four legged friends are welcome to camp here. This tent area is open any time of the year for camping so if you are early feel free to camp here, we just can not get on the grass in the park until after 5:00 pm on Thursday.

A couple of notes:
As stated above there are to be no pets inside the fenced in park itself, anywhere else on the fairgrounds they are more than welcome. There may be other users in other parts of the fairgrounds including the arena and there is a very high likelihood of horses and even cattle or other live stock so be courteous with your pets, it is their house we are just visiting.
There is a no alcohol policy in the park and a large part of town is very religious so discretion is the key here. I have developed a fairly good rapport with the town police and they have a very generous policy of indifference as long as they get no complaints from certain townsfolk. This does not mean they will be watching us and in all of the years we have had our BMW rally there, we have never had an issue. The one thing I ask is clean up at night and put your trash in the 55 gallon trash cans we will place around the park and we will come by every morning and dispose of said refuse, out of sight out of mind.
Speaking of the town Marshall and his minions there will likely be what will appear as a fairly prominent police presence but this is usual and merely that they are bored and this gives them something different to do. By all means acknowledge them and speak to them as much as you like, they are surprisingly friendly and Les has already informed me that he will make it a point to let them know we are coming so they will be planning on checking out the rigs.

I have breakfast Saturday morning locked in, the local school booster club will be coming by and preparing a very nice breakfast for us. They do fresh eggs, some of the best local country ham and sausage and pancakes on a portable grill trailer they have. They will have a donation jar out so pay what you think it is worth as it goes to support the local school and sports programs. They will cook us all we want to eat so no one should leave the breakfast table hungry.

Saturday night dinner will be catered BBQ fresh cooked on site, two meats, salad, beans and taters and a dessert is also included. Tea, lemonade and coffee will of course be provided all weekend free of charge in Heritage Hall.

Here is a list of the closest hotel/motel offerings;


Hotchkiss Inn is located just a few blocks from the fairgrounds in Hotchkiss.

North Fork Motel is located pretty much across the street from the fairgrounds

Redwood Arms Motel is a nice place that is about 7 miles from Hotchkiss with plenty of parking for trailers and they also have a small RV park in the back.


Rocky Mountain Inn in Paonia.

The Bross Hotel is a really nice B&B if you want something a little nicer.

The Fresh and Wyld Farmhouse Inn is another unique place that is a little higher end.

The Living Farm Inn is something a little different but very nice from what I have been told.


The hitching Post Hotel and feed store is another unique property that is located in Crawford.

More later.

The fairgrounds;

Attached files

DCFG Information.pdf (705.9 KB)  2016 National Rally Site.kmz (1.7 KB) 

Looking forward to 2016 rigs in the Rockies.
Cookie and I finally got to a National SC rally this year. The BlackHills is one of our favorite areas, enjoyed seeing all the different rigs and meeting the folks that ride them.
This next one is in our back yard so see ya there, I know this one will be a great one as well, plenty to see and plenty to do.

ATTA BOY Dana. We all need to start thinking about next year.

For any others that don't enjoy sleeping on the ground, it looks like there is very limited motel section in Hotchkiss.

You may want to reserve early. I did - staying at the Hotchkiss Inn.

Here's a link to the Chamber of Commerce website:

Dana - Thanks for putting this together


2011 R1200GS + EML CT2001

This is the softest ground and grass in all of Colorado. 'The man' normally does not let tents set up on his fairground's park area. Due to Dana's charisma, way of the word and many talents and he has secured and been granted this special request to indulge on this luxurious surface.

Hey Duncan. There are only two motels listed in Hotchkiss but there are a couple just out of town and four more in Paonia about 10 miles down the road. There is one in Crawford which is about 10 miles up a different road from Hotchkiss. I am on call for another week so I need to hang around home but as soon as I am off I had planned on taking a ride over there and doing a little recon work to make a list for you all. Also if you want a major chain hotel you are going to have to go 20 miles West to Delta.
Here is a listing from the county by city of lodging. Paonia and Crawford are the two closest and about the same distance.

Hi Dana:
Wow!! You have been busy. Thanks for what you have done so far. We can appreciate the work you are doing for next year.

I can't seem to find your maining address. I have a couple of packets to tri-fold brochures to send you. These don't require special shipping - just a big envelope.
Soo please send your home address or whatever address works for you.

Just as I clicked submit I spotted a mispelled word. That's Mailing Address not maining address.

Thanks Will.

Working on getting the artwork done so with a little luck we should have an official flyer complete with artwork ready before too long.

Actually Cookie is having a friend of hers looking at it but hey what good is a host if he can't delegate.

Just a note to let everyone know I am still alive and we are just finalizing a few details for next years rally. Everything is on track and looking good and we are thinking of opening up registration around the beginning of February. Need to clean up a couple of details before we get a price set but I am sure everyone will be pleased with the final price.

I guess you can not please everyone but most everyone should be happy.

Just booked my room. Planning on riding the Dyna and packing light. Or much lighter than when I tow the trailer with the FLH at any rate... See ya all in July.

I booked two rooms last night at the North Fork. The Short Brothers and wives are planning to be there. We are looking forward to 3+ days in July renewing old friendships.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again and hopefully providing all with a good time.


Looks like a great venue. Just called Mountain Valley Meadows RV Park and made arrangements for and rv site.

Ernie and Sandy
2004 Patrol

Sounds great Ernie, be nice to see you guys again and should be a good time.

A bump for the National Sidecar rally ....

Reservations made @ Hotchkiss Inn and looking forward to meeting fellow sidecarist in July.

If we are interested in camping in the 'tent area', do we need to make any reservation? If so, how and where do we do this? If this has already been asked and answered, I'm sorry.

All camping at the fairgrounds is included in the rally fee and there are no reservations needed. This includes dry RV camping and tent camping.

Showers and such at the fairgrounds are also included.

FWIW, the Mountain Valley Meadows RV park does have a Facebook page:
I have to re-up my membership and get registered!

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