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2016 election and meetings

Ballots were counted,all 63. Best voter turnout in some time. Thanks guys and gals.
V.P Dave Szxudlark
Sec. J.R. Lewis
N.C. Al Olme
M.W. David Irvin
S.C.Lee Coltharp
S.E. Bob Davis
S.W. George Corder
M.W. Greg Szkudlark

Treasure report $31,948,86 as of present. All Rally bills have not cleared yet.

Guest,Jan Daub presented plan to hopefully increase membership. He will work with sidecar builders and dealers to present NEW sidecar owners with a 6 month free membership. Hopefully they will continue their membership. V.P. will be his contact. A year was set to see if it helps. Jan was also appointed to work with Rally mastersto make sure National rally followthe Rally Plan Book.

Pres. to look for new Advertising Manager. This will free Richard McClure and give him more time to work with store. Thanks to Richard for a job well done.

Changes to constitution and by-laws were approved. Spend was simplified. BOD voting changed to Where a face to face vote and electronic vote could be passed by a single majority of potential voters.

Wisconsin to move from M.W. to N.C. to help equalize membership.

Jim Keesee ,BMWMOA Regional Cordinator, has volunteered to check MOA data base fo owners that have sidecars. Theycan then be contacated about joining USCA. This is a large untapped source. Thanks to Jim for his effort

Pres. has just announced that Jim and Peggy Demint(sp) have agreed to take advertising manager for 1 year. Thanks to both of them. I know with grand-daughters help,they will do very well. You may remember her as my judge for 2015's dog show.

Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.
I am sure Al. and Will will have some additions or delections to this report. I welcome them with open arms.

J.R. Lewis
Tex. rep