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2015 Monumental USCA Rally

We definitely plan to be there for the USCA Rally and the Yellowstone Raid. I've been to Sturgis in mid-June. Believe me when I say traffic and parking will NOT be a problem.

Brian and Ace:
FYI - We planned it so our rally participants wouldn't have to deal with the Sturgis Rally chaos. It is bad enough on an off year. The 75th anniversary is going to be awful. I live in Rapid City and at 30 miles from Sturgis is is still a mess. I may take my wife and the 5th wheel and go somewhere far away.
Having said all that negative stuff - the Black Hills of South Dakota in June is a wonderful place to visit and ride the crooked roads. We will be excited to have you come and be a part of the Monumental rally. Keep watch in this forum thread for more details on what will be happening at the rally. We are prejudiced but we think this rally will be really full of good stuff to do - and places to see AND people to visit with.

Looks like Will and Harold are planning on a super rally. Thanks in advance to you guys and all the volunteers that will be needed. They can't do everthing all by themselves. Don't be too shy to step up and volunteer to help out where ever you can. Some volunteers are recruited and some just step up and say what do you need. Hope to see a large crowd at Sturgis.
Tex. Rep.

looking forward to attending this rally it will be my first. My brother and I will both be riding out about a week early to really enjoy the area. We will be camping at the site and would be happy to volunteer to help with whatever we can.

That is he sort of people that will be needed. I am sure Will and Harold can find something to keep you busy. As 1st. . timers,I will be looking for you to enter in the games. Don't be shy. Step right up.
Tex. Rep.

Welcome to you Tom. That's the whole idea. We would like to have Ralliers spend time enjoying the riding that is available here in the Black Hills and there is not enough time during the rally to both rally and ride. Will and I will be on site early with maps in hand. We know of others that plan on being there early to lead rides. Looking forward to meeting you Harold

Will, still working out the details from our end, but we are planning on arriving early in order to tour the area. Will also be available to help out as needed.

Try again. For some reason the first try didn't fly.

We will be glad to see you. Come prepared for some awesome scenery and crooked roads - after the long straight ones to get here. There will be more articles in the Sidecarists to come. Harold is submitting at least one more.

The one in the back of your current issue is just a start. From the south end of both of those rides you are in Custer State Park and close to the wildlife loop. You can ride through a buffalo herd (if you have quiet mufflers). During the Sturgis Rally the buffalo move away from the noise and nobody gets to see them. We have ridden through the herd several times on our rig (BMW K1100w/Motorvation Formula). As long as you don't do something dumb like get in their face or poke them with a stick you are fine - but every year some dumb tourist gets out of their vehicle and gets too close and gets launched off buffalo horns.

I have put some additions to the first post of this forum. Jump back to page 1. You may have a skill that you would like to volunteer for the Monumental rally

HHShort - 12/25/2014 4:58 PM

I have put some additions to the first post of this forum. Jump back to page 1. You may have a skill that you would like to volunteer for the Monumental rally

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