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2015 Monumental USCA Rally

Thanks for bumping the thread. We need to keep reminding people the Monumental Rally is coming. Looking at your second picture brings up one of the tentative events during the Rally. We would like to gather participants in that parking lot for a group picture. We can get a little closer and the Rushmore people will reserve the lot for us. I don't think we will need a Sturgis Police escort . Harold in Rapid City

2003 was the first Mayor's ride at the rally and a friend who lived in Deadwood where we stayed was big in the VFW up there and they were doing security for the Mayor's ride and he got me and my good friend from Denver to run road security on our BMWs for the Mayor's Harley run to Mount Rushmore.

Mayor and other dignitaries rode in the Jack Daniel's limo.

Nice digs:

Cool Man Cool! It is always WHO you know. Harold

You got to see some of the best roads if you did the Mayors ride by the route that our son did several years ago. Vanoker Canyon from Sturgis to Nemo Road. Nemo road to Hiway 385 and 385 through Hill City to 244 and up the hill to Mt. Rushmore. it is a great ride - but we have so many.
We would like to do that ride at the Monumental Rally in June. We are planning a photo shoot at Mt Rushmore.
Today I rode from my house down Sheridan Lake Road (Out the SW corner of Rapid City) until my low fuel light came on. I couldn't make it all the way to Sheridan Lake but the weather was fantastic for December 12th so I did it.

2003 was the first time I had been there since the late 70s so I am not real good with the roads and such around there but it was a nice ride.

Looking forward to riding some of those roads again though and my friends in Denver, Spat and Cookie, did the Sturgis rally probably 20 plus years in a row so I am confident that they will know some good routes also. I guess it is my fault they bought their Ural a few years back and I am sure that is what they will have there so may have to con Spat in to leading a Ural ride while we are there.

Games are being planned. I would like to encourage people that have never been in the games to please get out and enjoy your selves. Games are for fun. If you just have to get a trophy,I will sell you one. I am planning on 3 games for driver and passenger. 1 game for driver only. Put your dog in car if you want to. Nobody screws up worse than Avanell and I do. Just ask people that have seen us in the blindfold salom. At last 1 game will be fun for small people(kids). Hope to see a lot of people turn out. Will and Harold and wives are working hard to make this a super national rally.
Tex. rep.

HI all, I'm new to sidecars and to this great site,, I want to add myself and my wife to the list of participants for this event. we are also trying to work out to join in for the Yellowstone Raid.

Sounds good to me. I always enjoy having 1st. timers in the games. They are planned for fun both for participants and crowd. Usually speed is not a factor. Avanell & I got trophy for being the most fun to watch. Probably did everything wrong. See you in Sturgis.
Tex. Rep.

When things get a little closer we'll have a registration page set up for the rally. There won't be any registration for the for the Raid. Just send a note to me and I'll send you the details.

I'm thinking more and more about making this rally next year.

Looks like fun, and you know, I've been to the Sturgis rally in August 19 times....maybe its time to do something different....besides, the 75th this next year will be crowded and way overpriced.