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2015 Monumental USCA Rally

That's why I haven't spotted the Orange Ural. When I see a sidecar I often chase down the owner and chat. You know Sidecar Delay Syndrome - only I create it for a change.

Call for Rally volunteers

Sidecar Games There is a large grassy area on the Rally grounds.

Door Prizes There are local people working the local businesses. Other door prizes
are always welcome.

Registration Data entry for walk-ins, Cashier, general helpers
Thursday 6-9:00pm -- Friday 8-12:00am --Saturday maybe

Tour Leaders You don't need to be a local if you can read a map. I would like to have
several so we can travel in small groups.
We have one Ural guy and Ural tours already plsnned

Coffee and Lunch Stuff Doris Short with 17 years in college food service will be in
charge but will need some help. Coffee opens at 7:00am and runs till the
doughnuts run out, Ice tea goes forever.

Photographer 1 photographer for Sidecarist pictures and
1 photographer to take formal pictures.
Rally will furnish materials and printers if necessary.

Clean-up Help us leave our camp area cleaner then when we arrived.

I know it might be early but if you are interested in helping to make the Monumental Rally
a success, Respond to this tread and I will keep a record going. You may respond as
Leaders, Followers, or Complete Committees

Need to bump this thread back to the top since it would appear it is hard to find.

Making plans to attend, can't wait to get back to the Black Hills, my favorite place in World to ride.

I am the Ural guy,

have some great ideas for several rides that can be short, or a full day of Hills fun.

No mater what I will be out on the roads for all of the rally anyone that wishes to come with is wellcome and most of the rides can have the Gravel part removed quite easy and More Pavement in them.

Kenny W.


It's the first thread on this forum.

Only as long as the last post in this forum is in this thread. Somebody was commenting in another thread that they could not find any information on the 2015 rally only the 2016 so I bumped this to the top.

The thread has been made "sticky"

That should make it easy enough to find.

Are there any local RV rentals that will set up a trailer at the campground. Want to ride up there but not camp out --- ground is way too far down!!!!