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2015 Monumental USCA Rally

Glad to know you made it home - Joe. Let us know what you find.

To the rest of the rally attenders - Martin contacted me this morning and needs a rally report, with pictures. I am not sure when he needs it but he is working on the July/August magazine. Remember - the magazine and the editor depend you the members coming through with copy. If he has to pick and chose from too much stuff, so much the better.


Your last two photos of the solo bike, Is it a Harley flathead or Knucklehead?

You have a shot of the other side?

A great ride. Thanks Al Olme for allowing me to join you on part of the ride to Sturgis. A Fantastic rally and we even heard a few SHORT jokes, because of the entire Short family being there help. Great job Short Family. You are the greatest. Some great pictures already up and I will have more later. Thanks also to all the people who purchased copies of my new book, "Discovering Life After Alzheimer's - The 26,000 mile ride." It was fun visiting with you about Alzheimer's and Care giving. Blessings to you all, and especially those of you who are full time caregivers. I ended up in Minneapolis and did a 1,133 mile Iron Butt ride home to Helena, Montana in 20 hours. A good windy, rainy ride for an 80 year old biker. Thanks again Will and family. Good Job.

Had a great time me-own-self!

Joe, I'd like to hear about whatever you find in the KLR that caused it to crater. Glad you made it home ok.

Thanks to all who made the rally happen!

hdrghack - 7/2/2015 8:27 AM


Your last two photos of the solo bike,  Is it a Harley flathead or Knucklehead?

You have a shot of the other side?


It is a Knuckle. He has several years parts on it, a rider not a show bike. They also have that nice red R1150R/EZS rig in the background.

That is pretty much all I have of it.

Hey Folks - we have a ton of pictures for the Sidecarist but we need a report. I would like to not have to write this one. I will have to do an article every month and a "State of The Club" report soon but I would like someone else's perspective on the rally. Thanks!!

Hi Chief, I have sent pictures to Martin and will have a report out to him by Monday. However I am short of names and home towns of attendees. Pilot error while using my new Iphone6. I'm sure Martin will appreciate everyone's efforts on a report.

Del Lonnquist #8504

I did complete a rally report on my BLOG. If anyone is interested in that story go to:
Del Lonnquist #8504

Thanks Del!! The Sidecarist will come by me for final editing. I will see if I can fill in some blanks.
And easy with this Chief stuff 🙂 (That is supposed to be smiley Face)

Started working on the KLR and it is not a blown spark plug it is in the engine, I have ordered a manual and will start the tear down when it comes. Any way no matter what went wrong I will be sending it up to get the 705 kit, larger valves and performance cams. 🙂