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2015 Monumental USCA Rally

Weather has turned beautiful here in Sturgis, Today was the shine and judge show, Counted over 50 rigs lined up. This is just the start of the first row, there were three rows of rigs to drool over. As a Past President once said, I had lust in my heart.

Like their individual owners, there were no two the same.

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wow cool pics. the weather up there looks very nice. wish we could be there enjoying the rally too. keep the pictures coming. johnny pearce in hot as hell texas

Made it back with only a few drops of rain a couple of miles from home. It was a great time riding in the hills, but as every year there were a few spots of chip seal being laid down. But, that is why the roads are always in such great condition. the campground was better than I had envisioned. It was made superb by the (I'm tempted to say incessant) rains that have made every mile of the prairie lush green. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone's sidecar rig creations and meeting the people I have received help from here on the forum.
I want to specially say that "Blue Tape Rules!". My helmet visor latch broke and a liberal application of universal "fixit" material kept it in place all the way home.

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2014 CB1100 Std, 2000 ST1100 with DMC Classic, 1981 CB650C

This was my first USCA rally and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The campground was very nice with good facilities and the local riding was awesome! Thanks very much to all the hard work that the crew that organized this rally put into it! It really showed!
Mike from Minnesota

Our thanks to Will,Harold and their wifes who did all the work. Best national We have had in several years. Thanks to all you off-center people that turned out for my games and especially the impromtu dog show. Thanks Will for sort of allowing me to run free with awards.
Tex. rep

Great rally. My grandson and I had a lot of fun meeting other riders who think outside the box. The rides were amazing as well. My grandson, Gabe is already talking about going to next year's rally.

It was a wonderful time in Sturgis, thanks all who worked to put it on. You can all harvest the fruits of our labors next year.

A great sunrise over the pond.

Camp in the beginning.

Camp quickly grew as the days passed.

Rally Attenders:
Leon Hilfstien broke down and didn't make it to the rally. We had a registration packet made up for him with a t-shirt. He wants his t-shirt. Did some kind, thoughtful soul pick up Leon's packet for him? If so I need to know. Thanks!

Returned home today from the rally. Both Ginger and I had a great time. Our thanks to all who were involved in putting together a fantastic rally.

We had such a good time we decided to stay and camp an extra night, leaving for home early Monday morning. The down side with that idea was getting blown out of bed at 3:00 am Monday morning when a tremendous thunderstorm rolled through the campground. Vivid lightning, booming thunder, incredible wind, and very heavy rain. The upside was seeing a double rainbow over the hills as the storm moved out early in the morning.

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Hello everyone, this is the guy with the KLR sidecar from Arizona. I made it home ok and will start looking for what went wrong this weekend. I would like to thank our host and the Flying Ural, the KLR kid, Arlen Ness Goldwing with the fuzzy dog and the Rocket III with the hot rod sidecar. Thanks for all of your help after my break down.